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Kris Hibbert - 3rd July 2013
It is such a shame this is going to be no more. The one day I had out with Bob taught me so much.

Bernie Valks - 1st July 2013
I am delighted to have achieved the required standard to have passed the IAM advanced riding test.
Since buying my motorcycle I have had two BikeWise Training days, one each with Bob and Mick.
I doubt there are two more patient and passionate motorcycle trainers around and their enthusiasm for safe yet progressive riding is contagious.
Both days out are among the most memorable and satisfying days of my life when I learned and achieved so much.
I had decided to have a BikeWise Training day every year to help maintain my riding standard and am saddened to see BikeWise in that form is no more.
I would like to thank both Bob and Mick for those special days which, I have no doubt, made me a safer, more considerate and responsible rider.

David Harland - 18th May 2013
I was devastated to hear the BikeWise Training has come to an end!! I wonder how many riders would not be here if they hadn't attended. A sad day when it stopped.
I did the course 3 times, thoroughly enjoyed it helped by the way Bob and Mick delivered in a non threatening way with encouragement
I'll have fabulous memories of those days as I know I'm a better rider because of it.
Well done lads and THANKS!!!

Tony Morris - 26th April 2013
What a crying shame that such a fantastic bike safety scheme has had to fade away.
Had a day last year with the guys and can say what a fantastic time I had. Learnt so much in such a short space of time and have gone on to use their coaching skills to improve my riding and safety no end.
Best of luck for the future guys, sad that so many other riders will miss the great day I had

Michael Bamford - 20th April 2013
Very sorry to hear about the end of the BikeWise training, having had the benefit of it with Mick. Both you and Bob can feel very proud that you have furthered the cause of bikers safety in County Durham and the surrounding counties. Such a shame that future bikers will not benefit from that vast amount of knowledge and advice through the BikeWise mark. All the best to you both and thank you.

Stuart Williamson - 17th April 2013
Sorry to hear the news about BikeWise Training.I had a great day out on the training course with Bob and I have to say it has made me a safer and more confident rider. I will keep the lessons learned on the training course for the rest of my time as a biker on the road. Total respect to Bob and Mick. All the best Stuart

Mel Leitch - 16th April
Its a sad day now BikeWise Training as we know it, has finished. Like many others I had a fab day with Bob several years ago and then progressed my advanced motorcycling (always learning ;-) ) via the IAM and RoSPA.
I think the success of BikeWise Training is evident to all and that success is entirely due to the skills, commitment and enthusiasm of Bob and Mick.
Well done guys and good luck in the future. Mel.

Dave Coates - 15th April 2013
What a shame that BikeWise Training has had to call it a day. I was lucky enough to spend a day on the course with Bob a couple of years ago and can honestly say it was one of the most eye opening days I've had riding on the road. Having been riding motorbikes for over 30 years i was amazed at the lack of knowledge and road craft I had, and slightly embarrassed by it really.
But the way Bob explained and drilled it to me all made perfect sense and i came away from it a much better ,more aware and safer rider. Inspiring me to then go on and take my IAM Test with the DAM guys.
Both Bob and Mick are the most passionate and committed instructors i have come across.Its a great shame that any future motorcyclist are not going to benefit from their expertise any more.
Good luck to you both.Enjoy the time off and thanks for everything.

Christine & John Fletcher - 15th April
What a sad day! So sorry to hear the news about BikeWise Training, but feel so privileged to have had our one day's training with you Bob. It seems a real shame for this to end - you have both contributed so much to motorcycling in County Durham. Do hope that motorcycle safety in the County does not suffer as a result.
Looking forward to meeting you out and about, and thank you once again for your most inspiring training.
You will never know just how much difference it's made!

Bill McCready - 15th April
This is a very very sad time to bring BikeWise Training as we have known it, to a close.
Bob & Mick are probably the most passionate motorcycle trainers in the country to help motorcycle enthusiasts ride safely and enjoy riding the dream. I and I am sure hundreds more will regret this era coming to an end. It is surely required more now with all these tin boxes on four wheels with reduced vision, driven by people who have no attitude or consideration for others not just two wheels but four as well.
I would like to thank Bob & Mick for all the time and effort, enjoyment they have given to all the the bikers out there, the hard work they have put into developing the training which must have been the best in the country and all the work behind the scenes to have made this such a successful contribution to Road Safety.
Regards, Bill McCready

Barry Jones - 15th April 2013
Sad to hear the end of BikeWise Training. I thoroughly enjoyed my days training with mick which i needed after a bad bike accident I ride much more confidently and safer after the training. I'm sorry i cant do it again.
kind regards Baz    p.s. can I have a BikeWise sticker for my new bike lol

Dick Brew - 15th April 2013
So it sounds like the bureaucrats have struck again, destroyed one of the most successful and positive road safety schemes in the North of England. I hope they feel proud of themselves.
Thank you Bob and Mick, you have made a real difference to hundreds of bikers.

Chris Martin - 15th April 2013
I too had planned another day very soon as there is just so much I could take in in a day. Very sad news and definitely a backwards step for road safety in County Durham and beyond.

Patrick Young - 15th April 2013
Even though I have now retired form biking I will never forget the my day out with Bob and thanks for making my job easier as an observer for D.A.M you could tell people who had done BikeWise training . Hope they don't give up all training

Leigh Wilson - 15th April 2013
Just received the e-mail and devastated to hear the news. The day spent with Bob was the most informative time spent on the bike. On the plus side, Bob inspired me to join the IAM as i realised i had a long way to go before being 'a smooth rider'.
Thanks guys, it is a sad day for biking in the North east

Keith Flook - 15th April 2013
Being a latecomer to riding a bike and having experienced training rides with BikeWise and Cleveland Police, to hear that BikeWise Training is to end is a big disappointment, they taught me a lot and inspired confidence in my riding.
As someone else has mentioned, to me BikeWise  WAS Bob and Mick and to put a stop to the Training provided by BikeWise is a very backward step in promoting safety amongst bike riders in County Durham.
I wish Bob and Mick best wishes for whatever they do in the future, ride safe all.

Mike Needham - 15th April 2013
It is very sad to think that a hugely successful training scheme, BikeWise, has been stopped especially considering the number of accidents/fatalities that the training had probably prevented from occurring in the first place. Due to riders being more aware of their surroundings.
On a more personal note I'd like to thank Mick for a great day out on a very wet 20th August 2010, it was thoroughly enjoyable and has been put to good use on regular basis since.
Many thanks to both of you and all the best for the future.

Sandra Forster - 15th April
Such a shame the scheme has to end, I was so sad to get the email, as I'd planned to do another training day.
Can't understand why something so brilliant has to cease. It's a day I'll never forget and I'm sure every single person fortunate enough to have benefited from your expertise will agree, they have become better safer riders because of you two.
Best of luck for the future and thanks for doing a great job.

Eric Burn - 15th April
A sad day for bikers I did BikeWise training in 2012 had a very good day learnt a lot and been riding bikes for past 53 years on and off Big thanks mick for a good day out

Jerry Trowbridge - 15th April
Mick , Bob
Shame this has come to an end....
I'm sure Co.Durham is a safer place due to your efforts.
I benefited a huge amount from the training ( following a confidence denting 'off' )
I'm sure that bikers now have a greater mutual respect for Durham Police, something that I have not seen in neighboring county's.
Mick- I still hear your running commentary in my lug at times.. !!
Hope you enjoy your riding, hope to see you about..

Paul Miller - 15th April
Sad news indeed, hearing this excellent training has ended. What i learnt 3 yrs ago still sticks in my head every time i ride, whenever i go on my bike, my safety bubble goes too!
All the best for the future to both of you. Hope to see you in a cafe sometime lads, the tea's are on me!

Gareth Tervit - 15th April
Very sorry to hear that Training is stopping,
I know that what you taught me has kept me out of the statistics at least a couple of times when I've been invisible to car drivers.
Thank you and good luck with your plans for the future

Gerry Orchard - 15th April
Very sad that such a valuable asset to riders is to disappear. I returned to biking in my late 50’s and the BikeWise Training day with Mick was the best possible way to regain my confidence and become a better, safer rider.
I feel very privileged that I was one of those 500, but feel sorry for all those who did not benefit from the BikeWise experience.
Good luck Bob and Mick - you should both be very proud of the contribution you have made to so many riders in the area.
Take care, and very best wishes. Hope to see you out and about.

Alan Wilkinson - 15th April
Incredibly shocked that such an unbelievable and valuable service to bikers of all ages and abilities will no longer be available through Bob, Mick and BikeWise.
Our experience of the training with Bob certainly escalated our ability and safety which ultimately led to a heightened awareness and greater enjoyment of biking, sadly others will not benefit from this opportunity to learn from the masters, a sad loss.

Peter Finnigan - 15th April
Dear Bob & Mick,
So sorry to hear about the closure of BikeWise Training, a brilliant scheme run by two consummate professionals. Since my training day with Bob in 2008 I have gone on to train with DAM and to enjoy biking around the world, including Cambodia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Great experiences all inspired by BikeWise.
Many, many thanks,
Peter Finnigan

Colin Lowther - 15th April
Hi Bob & mick
Sorry to hear your having to pack up the training but I'd like to wish you the best in your next venture if there is one ?? I'm glad I did the day training with you as I didn't realise the faults I had so thanks for that :-) good luck lads

Alan Elliott - 15th April
I was very disappointed to hear of the demise of your training
I personally am a much safer rider with the knowledge you bestowed on me and hope common sense will prevail and training will resume in the interest of safer biking .
looking forward to seeing you both again
regards alan

Phillip Tumelty - 15th April 2013
Hi Bob, Mick
Sorry to hear the news, a big loss to the northeast biking fraternity, hope all goes well for you both in the future.

Craig Cummings - 14th April 2013
VERY sad to hear that the BikeWise Training era has come to an end.
I was privileged to have the opportunity to learn from Bob and have no doubt that the skills taught have saved lives.
I'm yet to experience any training with the same level of passion as BikeWise Training.
Bob and Mick, you should be justly proud of what you have achieved.
On behalf of the wider motorcycling community, I'd like to say a massive thank you for your vision and commitment.
See you on the road, watch out for the BikeWise Training sticker I proudly display on my top box... ;-)

Andy Irwin - 14th April 2013
That's very sad, if ever I saw 2 guys that got complete job satisfaction then it was you and Mick.
I have had lots of good days out on my (many) bikes.
The days I had with you guys are definitely in my top ten.
You didn't just take 500 people through training, you made 500 people safer and helped them enjoy their riding more. There's a couple that are probably still here that might not have been!
I suppose the only negative was you being a Sunderland supporter,  Bob ;-)).

Len Potts  - 14th April 2013
Sad day.
Bob, you inspired me when we started Durham Advanced Motorcyclists and I'm sure that more than a few lives have been saved by the training and dedication you and Mick have shown.

Martin Kirby  - 14th April 2013
I am really sorry to find out that BikeWise Training is to cease with Bob & Mick.
The day out my wife and I had was absolutely brilliant and led me on to passing my advanced riding test.
I had a bad year last year resulting in my not being able to ride for a considerable time. I am now back in the saddle and was looking forward to having another day out with you. I am disappointed that this will now not happen.
Good luck for the future.

Ian Wilson  - 14th April 2013
What a shame, them guys were and are BikeWise to me.
They learnt me so much and helped me to go and pass with flying colours BikeWise and DAM.
Thanks guys for the most positive experience of my long biking life you helped me no end and are still there for me today. You are going to be sadly missed. I hope to bump into you guys soon on my travels.
Take care and a big thank you from me and ross.

Peter Dillon  - 14th April 2013
Very, very sad...Bob you put me on the road to...1st grade pass with IAM...& gold with RoSPA...now tutor, for bike & car with RoSPA...and still learning...Hope to see you soon, ride safe...Peter

Mike Rees-Boughton  - 14th April 2013
Hi guys - so very sorry to read your last mail - the demise of Bikewise Training in Durham is desperately sad.
I had hoped to be able to make the long journey north to ride with you guys again this summer after my day with you last August.
I guess one consolation must be to know how much you have done to promote both safer and more enjoyable riding - concepts which in too many riders' minds are contradictory rather than complimentary.
Thank you for the experience and the expertise I gained from my day with you - it continues to influence heavily both my bike riding and my car driving - and good luck for the future.
With all best wishes,
Mike Rees-Boughton

Eric Carter  - 14th April 2013
Well I had a day’s training with Bob in 2008 and have continued to put into practice all the tips and advice Bob gave me on the day.
It’s a shame that the scheme looks like its coming to an end, I for one have really benefited from the time I spent with a "professional" rider.
I wish you both all the luck in the world lads and hope to catch up with you at the Durham gig in the summer or in a teashop in Middleton in Teesdale.
Good luck lads and you should be justifiably very pleased and proud that your riding instruction has helped so many people in the Durham region stay safe and avoid becoming a statistic.

Neil Rodgers  - 14th April 2013
I am very sad to hear that it's the potential demise of the BikeWise training scheme with Bob and Mick...I trained with my mate and Bob way back in 2009 and I have to say on that day I learnt so much to make sure that I rode much safer and more considerately using the information and instruction given by Bob.
It truly is life changing... you might think I'm being stupid but until you've done the course you won't understand. I had an epiphany that day and I've enjoyed riding so much more since that day out with Bob. I don't know the reasons why it has to end but I guess it's not the choice of Bob and Mick. what a big bloody shame :((
All the best lads and I'll certainly say Hi whilst out and about if we stop at the cafe's and bump into you both.
Bob Thank you for taking my riding to another level and let me enjoy riding so much more than before I did the course with you.
best regards,
Neil Rodgers
Triumph Sprint ST1050 Tornado Red (the best colour) lol

Ian Herbertson  - 14th April 2013
Thank You, Bob and Mick , it has been a pleasure to be taught by you. An end of a era , many thanks for all your hard work , hope to see you around.

Dave Walker  - 14th April 2013
Just been told today that BikeWise Training has ended, after visiting Ace Motorcycles. The training I had off BikeWise was a great help, I was recently telling my friend who's just got back into biking to book a session with you!!!
Gutted as I think you guys have brought so much to the biking community in Durham.

John Herdman  - 14th April 2013
Very sad news about BikeWise Training, but I'm sure the reasons to end it were valid. I just wanted to say a personal thank you. Although I only got to attend one training day it was brilliant. My riding and confidence have improved greatly. I was just on the verge of booking again this week! :)
I will now follow up with IAM/DAM training.
Thanks again.

Rod Luty  - 14th April 2013
The end of the training seams such a shame when it was so well put together and well worth attending.
The day spent with Bob gave me the confidence I needed in myself and has raised my standard to something I could have only dreamt about before.
If all the people who attended only took a little bit of what I did it will have raised their standards as well.
I feel that BikeWise & Durham Police Bike Section are one of the most friendly motorcycle safety conscious Police Forces in the country and what a difference they make to the biking world in a constructive and positive way.
Bringing the training to an end is only a backward step in my eyes and a very sad occasion.
Kind Regards
PS see you at BikeWise 2013 if not before
Ride Safe

Simon Hunt  - 14th April 2013
Thanks Bob and Mick. You have been a great asset to the biking community in Durham. Best of luck and wishes in your 'retirement'

Len Potts - 8th April 2013
Sad day. Bob, you inspired me when we started Durham Advanced Motorcyclists and I'm sure that more than a few lives have been saved by the training and dedication you and Mick have shown.

Steve Vine - 24th October 2012
I had a fantastic and very informative day with Mick.
The knowledge that I learnt will, I am sure , help me in the future to become a capable and safe rider.
I would say to anyone who rides motorbikes to go on this training day.
I will certainly be booking another day next year  :)

Stephen Davis - 21st October 2012
Just leaving a message to thank Mick for a great and also important day. I have been riding for 20 years and done loads of track days but I still came away gaining some valuable knowledge. Anyone no matter how experienced can improve on their ability to to ride more safely. In my opinion this course can literally save on injuries and even lives.
Thanks again Mick. Regards Steve.

Glen Campbell - 16th October 2012
Hi everyone. After passing my test some six years ago I went straight out and bought a GSXR 750 SRAD, got straight into the race mentality. A year later, STILL not confident with bends I upgraded to the K5 GSXR 750, YUM! Until, due to no real training and lots of adrenaline seeking I came off a bend at high speed, broke my back and shoulder, so...back fixed I got back on the bike and found I was even more tense on those bends, so, bye-bye bike :(...
Now then,,a couple of years ago I down powered to a Fazer 600, and guess what? yep, still don't like bends!! Oh, then I heard about BIKEWISE. I was unsure at first as I'm not working and money is tight but I figured this could answer my question, Should I sell my bike!? well, I paid, had a full days one to one with Bob :) Amazing bloke..  he is so focussed on you and your needs and with a wealth of experience you immediately feel like your in safe hands :) What can I say? well, I now know exactly what I should have been taught when I passed my test! If I had this in the beginning I would NEVER have gone into that bend so fast! So basically I'm saying...how much is your life worth? I'd argue that anyone's life is worth more than £100. I now know all I need to know to be able to go out and enjoy myself safely. If you are reading this then you probably should pick up the phone now and book yourself in, oh, and my day cost an extra £25 cos I dropped my phone! don't drop your phone! haha,, Anyone that knows me would expect me to stress out big time when the phone smashed...my day was so good that I just put it in my pocket and thought "Oh well!" :) Big thanks Bob, you're a good bloke and I too, like another on here, can still hear those words "Its running!!!" Ride safe everyone...Glen

Chris Horner - 15th October 2012
A big thank you to Mick Alder and the team for giving me a fantastic day on my advanced ride , if you want to ride better and have a great day then this is a must for any rider experienced or novice.
WELL WORTH IT , keep up the great work and keep the funding coming

Rod Luty - 13th October
A very big thank you to Bob Brown for what turned out to be the most informative, interactive and enjoyable rider training I have undertaken. I have been on numerous rider training events in the past and have gained BikeSafe, ERS, Diamond Special Test, ROSPA Silver, IAM & IAM Special Assessment qualifications.
The day out with you put everything into perspective and tied up all the gaps and loose ends that I needed to be put into place. This has taken my riding to a level I never thought possible along with building my own confidence considerably.
This training is a must for all motorcyclists no matter what level you may be at. It was a long way to travel from Halifax, West Yorkshire but well worth it.  Thanks to you Bob.

Christine & John Fletcher - 18th September 2012
Just got back from our BikeWise training day with Bob, and we're both buzzing! We were both very nervous at the beginning of the day, but Bob instantly put us at ease.
The explanations of the theory were excellent, including walking up and down in different positions on a very quiet road so that we could see the difference that correct positioning made - amazing!
Bob made us much more aware of hazards on the road and the importance of making ourselves more visible to other road users. He gave us lots of ways of doing this that we hadn't been aware of before.
By the end of the day we felt much more confident and able to enjoy biking a lot more. We would recommend this training to all bikers, and if you're thinking of doing it, just go for it!
We had a fantastic day, and can't thank you enough, Bob. Brilliant!

Mark Richardson - 11th September
Having just passed my IAM test a couple of months ago I had learned a lot up until then, but you never stop learning, so I decided to go further and see what I could get from a BikeWise day. Bob Brown took me out yesterday and I realised just how much extra there is to learn. Boy does your experience level go North when you do a BikeWise day! Bob helped me fix the quibbles I had identified in my own riding style. Just following him for a bit gave me confidence after picking up bits of his style. Things I hadn't noticed before are now common pick-up points and the level of detail I learned to notice is incredible. Both IAM and BikeWise have their merits and I would highly recommend a BikeWise day to anyone, regardless of current/past experience or qualification. You can never get too much training and BikeWise have helped me become a safer rider. Keep up the good work guys!! I might even make it a yearly thing just as a sanity che ck :-)!

Chris Wilson - 7th September
August 29th : This was my second one to one BikeWise training day, this time with Bob. I had not been out on the bike much in the last two years and wanted to rebuild my confidence. The training was excellent and I gained some valuable experience of riding in the wet. I had a great day and have been back out on the bike most days since. Thanks again to both Bob and Mick.

Darren Bate - 6th September 2012
I would just like to say a big thank you for the days training I had on 30th August. I had loads of fun and gained a new mind set to my riding. Bob and Mick are spot on. Thank you again.

John Herdman - 4th September 2012
Went out yesterday with Bob. I thought I could ride a bike, boy was I wrong. After a few hours training my riding style had started to change for the better and by then end of the day I felt a different rider, truly awesome! Much smoother in and out of bends and safer overtaking. I can still hear Bob in my ear now “It's running!!”.
I would recommend BikeWise Training to everyone. Bob is a top bloke.

Stuart Proctor - 3rd September
29th August, our second BikeWise Training day having completed our first in September 2011 with Bob. What a great day we had - in spite of (or because of?) the weather...proper rain as Mike called it. Mick gave us a great deal of confidence, reinforcing the positives we had remembered from 2011 and coaching on areas where we could improve. Doing all of this in the rain raised the confidence even further and I would certainly recommend this to anyone (sorry Bob/Mick- get the waterproofs ready!) Great value for money and great fun....plus we got new routes to practice on as well.

Alan Burberry - 3rd September 2012
A big thank you to Bob Brown for the BikeWise Training day I had with him on Friday 31st August . The training and advice he gave to me throughout the day exceeded my expectations in all aspects. I am now far more confident on bends and overtaking to name but a few improvements he made to my riding, and I'd recommend a days training with BikeWise to anyone considering trying to improve their riding skills and overall confidence.

Andrew Gowans - 2nd September 2012
Having booked the course as a group of four, the lads at BikeWise made the extra effort to accommodate us all in 2 groups of two.
The two Bandit lads (Graeme and Daz) in the 'girls' group with Mick representing the Men. Then Ian / Usain Briggs (Z1000) and myself (RSVR Factory) in the 'Men's' group with Bob adding even more testosterone... Just kidding lads.
We arrived at the meeting point on a typical day in late summer (dull,damp and cold). Strangely enough it was Daz's and Bob's birthday so either way we knew we'd have to have a good day regardless and maybe we'd have to cough up for a tea or coffee along the way, ha-ha.
Back to the subject, Originally I wanted to confirm and put into practise some of the road craft I had read about. However being a fair weather rider my priorities soon changed to a focus on improving wet weather confidence. I think as we tip-toe'd through (what seemed to be a river of some sort) on a flooded Sedgefield racecourse road these thoughts were a distant memory. + I'm sure Ian will apologise for  soaking you Bob.
Bob made an assessment of our level of riding so that he could maximise our learning through the course of the day. I must say this was brilliant for me, as I found out later in the day when we reviewed the video.
After covering various aspects of safety, practical and theory throughout the day my riding has and will continue to Improve by leaps and bounds as I build on this system of riding and practise. I can honestly say the course was by far a highlight in my 5 years of biking. 
You can't find a better team to learn from. The level of knowledge and experience is outstanding. It can only be a bonus to be taught from enthusiast to enthusiast. Another thing what shone through is the professionalism  and encouragement from Bob's almost yoda'esq guru like nature. 
The information and detail in this course is second to none and it WILL save lives. You cannot put a price on that.
Full respect to the team at BikeWise and a special thanks + Happy Birthday to Bob!!
See you next time,
C'mon Biking community, "SPREAD THE WORD".

Ian Briggs - 2nd September
I attended the BikeWise Training on the 30/8/12 after only riding for 2 years, I had Bob as instructor for the day but also had the chance to talk to Mick at some points during the day and both were down to earth and top guys that made me feel comfortable.
As for the system they use and teach I would say a lot of people could take away a lot of things from it to help them be more confident and safe on the roads I know now that there was a few things that stuck in my mind that I thought you know what, that just makes sense why wasn't I doing this before I also know that when I go out on the roads now I'll be practicing the system all the time.
A big thanks to Bob and Mick and the BikeWise team

Mike Rees-Boughton - 31st August 2012       
Brilliant day - learned so much and gained huge amounts of confidence from the new skills taught.
Perhaps most telling, we followed the course with two, 200+ mile days with my pillion and there were no complaints (other than the usual sore bum!) - in fact, she was heard to say that my riding had improved beyond all recognition, which is a huge testimony to the quality of the tuition from Bob.
Huge thanks, Bob - I have every intention of repeating the experience next year. See you then!

Simon Dodsworth - 31st August 2012
Thoroughly enjoyed this training course for several reasons. Apart from the fact this was an opportunity to have a ride out through the beautiful Durham Dales on a rare sunny summers day; the BikeWise Training (Bob) provided me with plenty of constructive feedback and practical advice on how to improve my riding style and most importantly how to ride safely. I strongly believe that every biker should complete a similar course if we are to come near to eradicating fatalities. What price do we put on our bikes, our more importantly what price would you put on your life? If you value the later do this course............................

Chris Martin - 28th August 2012
I went out with Bob Brown yesterday and couldn't recommend it enough! Right from the start of the day I was asked what I wanted from the day and every effort was made to help me work towards my goals. What a day,I am still incredulous as to how so much information to help me become a better,safer rider could be crammed in,without feeling daunting,in one day. Despite the weather being what we've came to expect this year,I thoroughly enjoyed myself but I am glad I wasn't shown the video of myself riding until after I knew I was riding much better!
Thank you so much Bob,hope to see you again soon.

Kevin Doran - 28th August 2012
This year's predictably unpredictable weather provided four postponements for our day's training with Bob. In effect we waited from April to early August. It was well worth the wait. This was a birthday present for my daughter Joanna, who passed her test a year ago from her dad who passed his in the simple days of forty years ago and has ridden bikes ever since.
There is clearly a gulf in our experience but Bob tailored the day perfectly for both of us. It was clear from the off that I would learn much about positioning on the road and that Joanna's confidence would be further developed.
A great day with almost ten hours of Bob's time and a couple of hundred miles on the road. Such passion, subject knowledge and commitment from Bob. Importantly it really has made a difference to how I ride and will hopefully keep Joanna riding safely for many years to come.
I'd recommend this training to anyone, regardless of their experience.

Ian Middlesmass - 23rd August 2012
Had a great day 3 seasons in 1 day all but the summer. Never knew my position was so wrong. Got loads out of the day, everyone should have a go. Thanks again Mick.

Tom Notman - 30th May & 8th August 2012
Firstly, I am on catch up! I should have posted this following my first session on 30th of May this year!........that was my first introduction to BikeWise Training with Mick Alder. What a day! Having only been riding for two years having done my DAS at the age of 45 I knew I needed some further training, however, I was completely unprepared for how much of a difference this makes in so short a time! My only question is, why does every biker not do this course?......they definitely should! Superb training by people who really know what they are talking about......do it tomorrow! Ok!, so having been out for a day with Mick at the end of May, I came back to do a day with Bob, with a friend that I had recommended BikeWise to. So this time I was experienced, knew what the course was about and was was not going to learn anything new.....how wrong could I have been! Habits die hard and the bad one's seem to die even harder!......the video at the start of the day was a revelation...my recently improved skills needed more work and work they got! Another awesome BikeWise day with Bob Brown. Left as a better rider, with a headful of info, and a smile that will have to be chiselled off my face! I really cannot recommend this highly enough!
I used to think that all bikers should do BikeWise Training...I now think they should do it twice! :lol:

Elizabeth and Colin Mitchell - 7th August 2012
After visiting BikeWise Colin & I booked a Training Day with Bob Brown.
On the day we were both very nervous about going, no need to worry Bob was great and made us feel relaxed.
Bob talked us through the theory and showed us the practical side to motorbiking with his running commentary, 24 hours later we still have buzzing in our ears and the words grass, grass and its running, running in our heads.
Even when we got caught in the torrential downpour at the end of the day we enjoyed the riding and how much we had improved on our riding skills.
We would recommend everyone join a course to be a safer rider.
Thanks Bob

Joanna Doran - 3rd August 2012
Had the most wonderful day out with Bob and my Dad on the 3rd August after 5 attempts to get a day when Durham wasn't under water - the joy of the 'English Summer'.
It surpassed all my expectations in every way. I learnt so much and really discovered how much fun riding can be, I grinned a lot that day! I feel much much more confident and much safer. I woke up at 5am the day after and wanted to go out on my bike straight away. Bob was the perfect teacher and managed our varying levels of riding experience brilliantly (myself 1 year and Dad 40 years), we both took so much away from the day. Bob ensured that we achieved exactly what we had said we wanted to achieve at the start of the day and we will certainly be booking up again next year. I think this training day should be mandatory, it transforms your riding in a day and I would implore anyone considering it to book up now, you won't regret it.
Thank you again Bob and thanks for a great birthday day out Dad!

Steven Snowball – 2nd August 2012       
Well day 2 of the training is over, mind you the 1st one was a complete wash out, thanks to monsoon rain !!.
We picked up from where the 1st ended and all I can say is that I'm still buzzing (and so is my ear), commentary is very in-depth and straight to the point which gets you going. By the end of the day you're grinning like a Cheshire cat.
Great day & many, many thanks to Bob.

Kevin Patterson - 31st July 2012
Went out with Bob Brown on Tuesday 31st July, and what a fantastic day we both had and even the weather was generous. The structure of the day that Bob puts together is fluent and progressive to the ability of the rider.
Very quickly Bob was able assess and structure the day to allow me to progress at my own rate, and the tuition over the radios was first class
It has been an absolute privilege to be able to spend the day with a top class rider and tutor and an experience I would definitely recommend to anyone at any level, you will definitely come away with a lot more confidence and a big smile on your face.
Best day of training you can get on a bike!

Stephen Metcalf - 30th July 2012
Had a brilliant day with Mick and Bob today. Every biker should do it!
Thanks again Mick for a great experience and a boost in my confidence and safety on a motorbike.

Jill Roberts – 28th July 2012
Best day on my bike so far!! I turned up to meet Bob on Saturday after only doing about 30 mile on my ER6 since passing my test in May. I wanted to take away from the day more confidence and been able to ride country roads better. I must say I have walked away with far more than I thought and I never expected to ride up the Dales!! I now feel that am a safer, more confident rider. I have learnt so much, my brain felt fried by the end of the day and I felt drained but on top of the world. Having only done a bit riding since passing my test to when I finished the day I was really surprised with what I had managed and I know Bob was as well! I would definitely recommend it to old and new riders! As Bob said you are always learning no matter how long you have been riding and I agree with him! I would definitely do this again!
Bob - Thanks a lot for everything you have taught me! I am over the moon about how I feel about riding and I can't wait to get out more on the bike! Definitely be back and I'll bring Lee with me! Thanks again Bob!

Mark Pearson - 27th July 2012
Wow what a day with Bob from BikeWise and my R6! How little I knew at the start of the day and how much information and tips Bob crammed in to the day, so at the end of the day I felt like a totally different rider, confident and more importantly safer. Bob takes joy teaching those willing to learn how to ride a bike the correct way. Bob takes the time at the very beginning to hear about how confident or in my case unconfident you are on your bike and what you want to achieve from the day, he then helps you work on these giving tips and guidance throughout the day, so by the end of the day you have ironed out those annoying habits you may have picked up over the years or in my case introducing me to techniques that weren’t covered on when learning to ride. If you’re considering taking some extra rider trainer I highly recommend BIKE WISE you wont regret it, and will definitely come away from the day a better rider than you started .
Bob, Thanks for the best day of riding I have had so far in my limited experience, you have opened my eyes and I would not hesitate to send my wife out on a BikeWise training day when she has passed her Mod 2.

Alexander Bamber – 19th July 2012
I passed my test in October 2011 and I've been struggling with corners. My hubby booked this to help me but I was really nervous about going - I had no need to worry! Bob was so lovely and made me feel relaxed instantly. Great mixture of theory by the road rather than in a classroom and riding. I never thought I would be able to corner at speed and feel so safe and confident!! I came home that night on a high - I can't thank Bob enough for his instruction and kindness. I went out that weekend to Dent, via Hawes and loved every twisty bit of the road - all I could hear in my head was "it's running, it's running!" If you've been out with Bob you will understand! lol I've told everyone to book - I now feel that I'm riding and enjoying my bike so much more.
Thank you so much Bob - see you next year for top-up!!

Kris Hibbert - 13th July 2012
WOW, I went out on a BikeWise training session with Bob Brown last week and it was absolutely fantastic, my confidence improved in my riding massively in just one day.
I cannot recommend this highly enough, whether you have been riding for ten days or ten years you will learn a lot from this day.

David Simpson - 26th June 2012       
I spent a day with Bob riding around the Dales and learned so much from him. As a result I am a much better and more confident rider than I was one week ago. Bob’s advice is simple, easily understood and relevant and is delivered in such a positive way I believe every rider would learn from this training.

Brian Wilson - 26th June 2012
Got back from my BikeWise Training ride last night and I'm still buzzing this morning. So much common sense and advice from Bob and riding back home from the experience I realised how much smoother and more confident my riding now is. Best day I've had in ages despite the rain. Everyone one would be a better, safer rider for this experience.
Highly recommended.
Cheers Bob.

Tony Morris - 25th June 2012
Just back from a day with Bob Brown and it was awesome, the day was fantastic and the weather was good to us as well
Learnt so much in one day cannot wait to get back out and start using my new skills its hard to believe how smooth the corners felt  - cannot praise this guy enough.
If you have thought about this course then think no more and book it now, I promise you its great, you will not regret it money well spent!!!!!!!!!!
By the way Bob, Still got that grin on my face - See you next year, I'll be back.
I'm telling every biker I know that this is a must
THANKS again Bob, I Loved it

Martyn Hodgson - 14th June 2012
Just completed a day's BikeWise training with Bob. Have to say as a rider of some forty years experience but with no formal training, I wasn't sure whether I would gain anything from it, but to prove the proverb wrong, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks ! The day was extremely enjoyable and I'm itching to put my new skills to the test. I can't believe how much smoother my riding is. Give it go , no matter what level you are at ,well worth it.
Thanks Bob.

Laurence Beck - 7th June 2012
Just come in from a fantastic day out with Michael from BikeWise - Feeling completely drained from trying to soak all the knowledge that Michael has kindly shared with me! I'm even pleased that the weather was miserable as i'm now riding with more confidence in the wet than I ever thought possible! My riding all round has come on leaps and bounds in only 8hrs from 9.30 this morning. The training is all on the road and I would recommend the course to anybody, the system they teach you are invaluable. Thanks again!

Allison Agius - 7th June 2012   
For a whole list of reasons I didn't get much time on my new hornet last year so this year I felt overwhelmed by the bike and had lost a lot of confidence. I'd do anything to avoid getting the bike out, had lost my love for it and was ready to quit.
Started the day with tears in my eyes and ended the same, but for very different reasons.
Now feel confident, excited and can't wait to get back out there - whatever the weather!
A truly thrilling day that has left me with my love restored.
Thank you Bob. I'll be back next year!

Andy Irwin - 30th May 2012
Once again I had one of the best days I've had on a bike. This was my third time out with Bob and Mick and I must say it will not be my last.
The old adage "You never stop learning" is so true, we can be vulnerable on motorcycles, the training you receive really reinforces and embeds what you need to do to make sure you protect yourself and get the best out of every ride.
Many Thanks Lads ......

Alex Lamb - 13th May
What a fantastic day out !!!
It really makes you aware of the road and how to use it more effectively :)
Would recommend to anyone of any age :D excellent !!!

Adam Lowe - 4th May 2012
I urge anyone (regardless of how long you've been riding) to take a day to "raise your standards".
The police system of riding makes so much sense and putting it into practice helps keep the grin on your face.
I expect to have Bob's voice in my head for the rest of my motorcycling life ("It's running, it's running"). I now feel like I've given myself the best chance to keep improving as long as I apply this easy to understand system.
Thanks for a brilliant day.

Mark Hancill - 2nd May 2012
I'd just like to thank Bob for my days BikeWise Training.
To be honest I didn’t know what to expect, I had cancelled it once, just at the possibility of it being damp and was looking for a second reason - But I couldn’t think of any :) and I’m so glad that I never.
It’s been about a month now since I done my training and my confidence, awareness and positioning has improved tenfold both on my bike and also in the car, this continues to grow on each ride...
You will see for yourself how this training is a MUST when you review the video clip of your riding style from the start of the day.
I'm hoping to do this training after each winter break.
Thanks again.
P.S. my wife thinks I’m crazy for commentating whilst driving

Craig Cummings - 2nd May 2012
WOW, where to start !
Having been riding less than a year and been unfortunate enough to hit some diesel on a roundabout shortly after passing my test, my confidence was pretty poor.
After a day of Bob’s expert tuition and lifetime of experience, I was riding at a level I never knew existed by the end of the day !
Thank you very, very much for a great day Bob. This training should be compulsory !

Brian Walls - 30th April 2012
Great day out with Bob. Really interesting ride out learned lots. Recommend BikeWise training to all motorcyclists,
Thanks Bob :-)

David Hardy - 27th April 2012   
I have never been overly confident cornering but with Mick's instruction it is now so much easier now I know where to position the bike and where to look.
The stretch we did without using the brakes was a revelation. I've learned loads more about my bike and myself and will be a lot smoother and safer rider from now on.
Like Scott, I'll be recommending BikeWise to every one. The rain actually managed to hold off for the day for a change and it all added up to a cracking day out on the bikes.

Scott Gaunt - 27th April 2012
Great day on the BikeWise course today start to finish. Myself and Davy have been doing rideouts together for about ten years now and this was easily the best one we've done.
I thought I was reasonably brisk on a motorcycle, after this course I'm still brisk but a lot smoother and a hell of a lot safer.
Well done to Mick for the great instruction, opinions and tips- I'll be recommending it to everyone I know.

Dale Clement - 24th April
I had a great day out with Bob,learnt so much. Recommend the training to any rider.

Tony McAndrew - 16th April 2012
I've been riding since 1999 and have had a couple of advanced lessons with my local riding school. My father in law took a BikeWise training course a few years ago and highly recommended it to me. I got the training for my birthday and it was a great gift.
I wasn't sure how much I was going to get out of the day, but it has to be the best day I've spent on a bike. I learnt a lot from Bob and the training I received has transformed the way I ride for the better.
On the day we covered things such as cornering, use of signals other than the indicators, reading the road and we visited a couple of sites where Bob talked through how fatal accidents could have been avoided. Bob also followed me at the start of the day to assess my riding while filming me. Watching the footage at the end of the day highlights how much I learnt and what I have changed with my riding.
The biggest learning point for me has to be the positioning of my bike. It's not something I had considered a lot but putting myself in the right place on the road to see the most of what lies ahead, and so that I increase my visibility to others has had the largest impact on my riding. Overall the training has increased my confidence while riding, which is exactly what I wanted from the day.
I'd suggest that every rider takes this training. You will learn valuable knowledge and that may just help you avoid an accident yourself, as well as increasing your confidence while on the bike. I'll certainly be recommending BikeWise to my friends and family

Eric Burn - 25th March 2012
Many thanks Mike,whole day was fantastic. I can not recommend BikeWise courses enough, no matter how good you think you are.
I am thinking of doing an IAM course due to the confidence you gave me.

James Alder - 17th October
What a fantastic day! All aspects of riding covered in a relaxed and informal way.
I am now far more confident in my reading of the road and road positioning, both at speed and in town and traffic.
Although this is an all day course it is so well structured, beginning with the theory and then broken up with coffee stops and further instruction at the roadside, that it never drags or tires.
Using the intercom to give constant commentary and instruction on where to look, position myself and drive through each corner, Bob had me riding both smoother and faster.
I cannot recommend BikeWise Training enough. No matter how experienced, you will come out of this a better rider.

Trevor Shields -14th October 2011
I would like to start off with a complaint! And that is, the day went over far too fast.
From the beginning it started well then just kept getting better. And what a day.......
Bobs teaching and instruction was second to none. I felt I had learned so much and could see the difference in just one day, faster, smoother and more confident in my ability.
Anyone thinking about doing this, don't hesitate, just do it. I guarantee you wont be disappointed
Great day Bob from start to finish. Thank You

David & Sam Parkhouse - 12th October 2011
Wow! What a day! From start to finish, brilliant!!
Sam and I were both a little apprehensive at the thought of a full days training after only passing our tests 18 months previously, but Bob couldn't have made us feel more at ease. We learnt so much about vision, planning, positioning, and taking control of the bike through the right gearing. Its definitely given us more confidence and skills to allow us to get even more enjoyment out of our bikes.
We didn't get home till gone 7pm, knackered, full of new knowledge, smiling and buzzing!! Our only regret is that we didn't do this as soon as we passed out big bike test. We cannot recommend this training highly enough.
If your reading this, half thinking of giving them a call, stop thinking and just do it. You will have a brilliant day, without fail!
Thanks for everything you taught us today Bob, without doubt the best investment we've made in biking.

Tricia Snaith - 5th October  2011 
Many thanks to Mick for a great days training. Both Andy and I really got a lot out of it.
The whole day was very relaxed and unpressurized with Mick pointing out observation and road positioning skills which soon became second nature.
The BikeWise course has to be the best training in the north east and very reasonably priced.
Both Mick and Bob are extremely professional and highly enthusiastic - what are you waiting for ?

Chris Mitchell - 21st September 2011
What a Day!! The sun was beaming, a bit like my smile during the day, it just got wider!!
I met Bob at Bowburn Services, sat in the sun and talked bikes and riding and the "system", I learnt a lot, things I did not know and things I had forgotten.
We set off to put the theory into practise, on some of the finest riding roads in the country! As the day progressed more talk with coffee/tea more riding, the biggest lessons I learnt were position, awareness and observation; these three combined make you smooth and SAFE. (ie Ride the bike don't let it take control)
I cannot recommend this training highly enough, we all want to go out and ride our bikes BUT the important thing is we all get to go home again!
The time spent with Bob was the most valuable time I will ever spend on a bike

Lyn Hogarth - 21st September
Just completed a BikeWise training day with Bob on Monday this week, and I have to count this as money well spent.
The structure of the day, approach of the trainer, routes chosen and pace of the day all contributed to the overall experience and to one very happy biker at the end of the day.
The system taught and the time allowed to put it into practice has helped to restore the grin factor and I cannot recommend it enough. I'll definitely be looking to build on this first session with another go next year.
Thanks very much for the confidence boost. Lyn

Paul Noble - 19th September 2011
What can I say? I had a days "raising your standards" course today and although I expected it to be informative and improve my riding ability, I really did not think my confidence and riding would improve so much in such a short time.
I was really impressed (and relaxed by) the informal approach of Mike who drew the short straw to be my instructor. The clear concise instructions and demonstrations were reassuring before it was my turn to be bike one, Imagine, within one day I no longer corner whilst holding my breath or gritting my teeth with a heart rate going through the roof.
Thanks Mike and BikeWise for a great day.

Yvonne Golightly - 15th September 2011
Just had my 'Raise Your Standards' training yesterday and it was absolutely brilliant.
It really takes riding to a whole new level and opens your eyes to what's really going on around you when you're out riding.
The day out is quite tailor made to suit your own needs and benefits, the areas we covered we're all areas that I wanted to improve and I believe they certainly were.
Bob was brilliant and gave me lots of confidence and encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone and I found myself riding like I'd never ridden before.
There is a lot of theory and commentary and because I wanted to learn and improve I absorbed it all in and put into practise what I was been taught and I aim to continue riding like that from now on.
The training gets 10 out of 10 marks from me and I highly recommend it for any bike rider.
Thank you very much Bob and BikeWise!

Mark Hipkin - 15th September 2011
Thanks for a great day, Bob. It was the tail end of Hurricane Katia & my hunched shoulders on the photo were either against the driving rain or the accrued tension of holding my bike against the wind at a 45 degree angle at "making progress" speeds thru the Dales!
I'll have to do it again even if it's just to change the photo!
It was very clear that even if I thought that I was riding to the system I needed a prod to ride better. The verbal input thru the day,following you & the video replay were all extremely helpful.
"BikeWise" training should be compulsory. I will spread the word!
Thanks again. Mark

Craig Lambton – 4th September 2011
I booked up for the BikeWise training at BikeWise 2011 after talking to Bob Brown about the course with my father. For us doing the course was about being a safe and becoming more competent riders. I passed my test around 3 years ago but bought my first bike (Honda CBR 600F Sport) last winter and have not been out very far at all. My father coming back to riding after being without a bike for 35 years wanted to make sure he was safe on his Honda VFR 800.
Before meeting Mick at Bowburn services on Sunday morning I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, after talking to Mick he made it clear that this is not a test, it’s a ride out where we will learn techniques to better our riding and he was confident that we would get a lot out of the day. Straight away Mick made me feel at ease and looking forward to getting on the road.
Mick took us on a route through the Durham Dales and tailored the day to suit us and what we wanted to get out of the course, which for me was anything and everything to do with cornering! By the end of the mornings riding Mick had me going round corners smoother, safer, with more confidence, and to be honest, a little quicker than I have previously. Mick gave me huge confidence in my bike and also in my ability.
I have gone away from the course knowing how to read the road a lot better and ride smoother, which has led to me covering ground slightly faster.
I can’t recommend this course enough. I had such a good day out on the bikes, having fun but learning a lot. This is a course that every biker should do. I’ll be signing up for it again in the spring, not only to improve my riding but to be shown some more of those amazing roads that are right on my doorstep!!
Thanks again Mick for making the day so enjoyable.

Sean Byrne - 5th September 2011
Upon booking the Training I was very apprehensive on the morning up until the time i met Bob, he put me at ease straight away and explained the day fully, after explaining what I wanted out of the day we set off and set about righting the wrongs of the past 20 years riding, upon completion of the day I could not believe the improvement to my riding and the increase in confidence gained, A huge ‘Thank You’ to Bob for the day and if your reading this with a view to doing the training, What are you waiting for, best days riding and instruction I have ever completed.

John Lambton - 4th September 2011
Sunday 4th September 2011 Today was re-arranged after the typical British weather was inconsiderate a few weeks ago. I completed the BikeWise course with my son under the guidance of Mick. We meet at Bowburn @ 9.30am to find Mick already waiting and after a short talk about the day we were off for a day of hands on biking. What did I want from today after returning to bikes after a 35 year gap. I want to be sure that I don’t put myself in danger or other road users and my wife would like to see me return after each rideout.
After a short ride along a quite road our skills of biking were assessed by Mick and from this point the course was tailored to develop our existing skills. The pace was set by us so at no time were we under any pressure , it was our day.
Not until today did I realise the information I was processing, but now process the information and act on it. The route today was Durham Dales (how lucky are we to live here) took me on roads I have never been on but need to re-visit.
The course is not about who is the best, quickest, fastest etc. it’s to open your eyes / minds to get the best out of biking.
The course is run by bikers for bikers and without doubt is the best investment you could make or your partner could make for you!!
Thanks for a fantastic day Mick, yes I would like to do this again at the start of 2012 season after consolidating today’s experience.

Gareth Tervit - 4th September 2011
Brilliant day out despite the rain.
Fantastic tuition and great techniques that quite simply can save your life.
Learned safe wet weather riding and that I had leaky trousers!

Richy Tough - 29th August2011
Friday 26th August 2011: Met Bob at Bowburn at 0930 hrs and didn't get back until after 2000hrs - it may have rained (heavily) all day but the fun, learning and confidence just kept getting better!
I asked for an all-round tune-up of my riding skills and wanted good honest critique and instruction prior to my next bike tour and I got it in spades; the style of tuition is friendly and informative and is virtually non-stop; the Durham Dales are your classroom and the level of instruction is awesome!
The systematic approach feels so natural and flowing that you do go quicker, yet more safely, confidently and enjoyably; increased use of the information you observe helps you avoid tricky situations and helps you really enjoy your riding.
Still smiling three days later but more importantly have had someone who really knows his craft have a proper look at my riding, in an objective way, that has given me increased confidence.
If you haven't tried a BikeWise day yet then you are missing so much - more than this e-mail could begin to say - book asap you will not be disappointed.

Mike Horner - 25th August 2011
Completed the BikeWise training two days ago, if you are thinking of doing some bike training, don't think anymore just book it! its money well spent.
With a little apprehension from the start wondering what to expect, Bob puts you at ease with a calm style of tuition and guidance.
Objectives are discussed and noted and then off you go on an amazing ride learning the "system" through the Durham Dales and back through Teesdale, covering about 130 miles with a smile from ear to ear. I will be definitely be putting what I've learnt into practice when I'm out on the bike, things will be smoother and safer from now on. Thank you very much Bob for an superb day.

Stuart Proctor - 19th August 2011
Completed the BikeWise training two days ago and have just managed to calm down. What a day - still smiling.
Being new to biking and having passed my test late last year I was looking to build confidence in cornering and overtaking which we certainly did part of which was done in the rain which was another massive confidence boost.
The ride from Wolsingham to Middleton-in Teesdale was amazing - loved it.
Thanks Bob, your coaching, advice and encouragement were first class and I feel as though my objectives were surpassed.
Can't wait to get out again and practice.
Would highly recommend the course to anyone riding a bike.

Lee Blaney - 4 August 2011
Did my training with Mick last week. With only being a young lad I didn't know what to expect. Mick was top notch told me how to corner safer an faster and have more awareness of the road with the "bubble". Every biker no matter what age should do this course.
Thanks again Mick

John Vasey - 1 August 2011
Wow! Bob has brought back the grin to my face!
As a qualified HGV driver, having passed the IAM and 'blue light' training in the past I have returned to biking after a few years and knew I was 'rusty'. I needed to regain the skills I had and I thought I was pretty good - getting better the more I was riding. How wrong I was!
After a nervous & apprehensive start, Bob showed me the error of my ways. Gentle tuition & guidance with lots of encouragement and some great enjoyable riding, I have to say, I am now a much more stable and safe rider, still able to make progress smoothly and safely which was the whole aim of today. I will take the skills I have learned and hone them, putting them into practise every time I go out on my bike (and everything else I drive). knowing I am less of a danger to other road users but more importantly, to me and my girlfriend (when she's pillion).
Highly recommended to absolutely anyone & everyone, no matter how skilled you may (or may not) be.
Thanks Bob

Baz Jones – 28 July 2011
Had a great day today. Changed the way I ride for the better. Mick was a great instructor.
I now corner faster and safer. Going to do it again in the spring its a must for all bikers

David Walker - 20 July 2011
A huge thanks to Bob for a truly fantastic day. My objectives were to learn the safest and most efficient way to ride, making sure I come home to my family after every ride out.
This being my 1st big bike I was eager to ride properly, rather than to learn how to pass my test. I was also looking to corner, overtake and basically ride with a smooth fluency giving me confidence to ride anywhere and in any condition. All of my objectives plus lots more were achieved.
I can positively say that anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy riding a bike should take up this exceptional day with expertise from Bob - Thanks again - Keep up the great work

Tom Ivison - 15 July 2011
Fantastic! I've just returned to biking after a 40 year gap and needed some training. What I experienced on the day was a revelation.
It was a joy from start to finish! I was apprehensive at first but after the first half hour I've been grinning like a cheshire cat ever since.
Once explained, the system - Information (Take, Use,Give), Position , Speed, Gear, Acceleration - was easy to understand and to put in to practice (although more practice is definitely needed in my case).
It was an experience not to be missed; it increased my confidence in myself and my bike and was a great fun day out!
Thanks Bob.

Colin Ferguson – 12 July 2011     11:54
What a fantastic day out. Was a bit nervous on the morning before I left the house, but on meeting up with Mick, he put me at ease within about 5 minutes. Then it was out on the road (weardale/teesdale) learning how to ride Safely and properly. I loved all the winding roads and learning how to tackle bends properly, I learned a lot about what my bike and me are really capable of. I'm planning on doing it again next year.
Thanks Mick Great Day out, Colin

Bernie Valks - 10 July 2011 18:51   
BikeWise Training..... what a fabulous day!
Bob was so patient and informative and everything made sense under his expert tuition.
I feel I am now safer and more confident in all aspects of riding my motorbike.
The day out was up there with some of the best I have ever had.
Thank you so much.

Doug Hall - 21 June 2011  18:21
I just wanted to say another big thanks to Bob after a day out training on how to be a safer rider.
We had a brilliant day which started at around 9:30 on Monday morning at Bowburn services area.
Bob was aware that I had completed this training with Mick last year and started with a quick refresher.
The main things I wanted to concentrate on was being smoother and quicker through right hand corners and to get my overtake up to speed.
Bob took a little video shot of me early on and then set off to give me pointers. We covered an amazing amount of information, briefings from Bob then put everything into practice.
By the end of the day we had covered 180 mile and I felt very satisfied with the progress I have made under Bobs instruction.
Fantastic day Bob, and I will be coming back again next year.
Anyone reading this message and wondering if this course is for them, stop wondering, get it booked and it will be the best money you ever spend on your safety.
It isn't everyone that gets the chance to receive training at this level.
Best wishes to Bob and Mick
Awesome training and fun doing it !!!!!!

Paul Barrass - 18 June 2011   20:13
Just completed my training course with Bob, June 17th.
I wasn't really sure what to expect with this course, but I had heard and read so much about police riders being the best road riders and I knew I could do with some improvement in my riding skills, I thought I would give this course a go.
The way I would describe this course would be, being taken on a ride out along some of the best biking roads in the area by a mate who REALLY knows how to ride and gives you advice and tips all day long so you can pick up some of his skills.
I could tell Bob loves bikes and just wants to help bikers to ride better.
Had a great day,and I am certainly riding more confidently by using Bobs advice.
I would recommend this course to anybody, whatever their skill level, however long they have been riding. I guarantee you Bob will have you riding better by the end of the day.
Just do it, you won’t regret it,
Thanks again Bob.

Mark Green - 15 June 2011  10:47   
My day with Bob was without exception the best day I have spent on two wheels in 20 years.
His attitude and approach are outstanding and the way he gets his message across is extremely effective.
The knowledge and tools he has given me are invaluable and have completely changed my riding experience and my approach to riding.
I think that if it were possible that everyone on two wheels should spend a day doing this training.
It would improve rider standards and seriously reduce casualties and put a massive smile on your face.
I can't thank Bob enough for a truly fantastic day

Gary Wood - 13 June 2011    21:48
I've just completed my Bikewise training today 13th June 20011 with Mick Alder. In one word, "FANTASTIC". The best money I've ever spent on biking. I arrived this morning with a very open mind to what to expect and set of goals I wanted to achieve, this course exceeded both expectations and goals. I would highly recommend it to anyone who rides a motorbike as the training given is a must for any rider of any level of experience.
What have I gained? Confidence, Safety, Speed, Smoother riding style, More relaxed and enjoyable riding experience.
On leaving Mick after riding all day with him, did I go straight home?  Did I buggery, I went for blast down some roads that I had previously found daunting and bloody loved it.
Mick, keep up the good work. And anyone considering booking a training day, in the words of that famous sports brand, "JUST DO IT", I assure you you won't regret it.
Thanks Mick and Thanks Durham County Council for having the foresight of funding this road safety initiative.
Thank You

Jeff Harkness - 12 June 2011    20:36
Great day out with Mick . exceptional teaching style. without doubt my riding style and knowledge has been greatly improved .. a must do for any biker.

Sandie Andrews - 7 June 2011  19:42
What can I say!!!! I started out yesterday 6th June very nervous but keen to learn.
I expected the course to be something like an extra long motorcycle lesson but got so much more.
Bob put me at ease very quickly. He asked me what I wanted to get out of the day which was confidence on bends and cornering, reading the road better and generally to improve my riding skills. He then give me a brief overview of what the day would involve.
Before attending the course I slowed right down at bends and tensed up. I wouldn't overtake unless I could see for miles. Bob watched how I rode my bike then took me for coffee and went over some theory with me. The way he explained and demonstrated the importance of positioning was excellent. I could immediately see what he was getting at and why.
Next up I followed Bob copying what he did and listening to his running commentary about what he was doing and why. By lunch time I was more relaxed and beginning to interpret his bike position moves before he did them.
After lunch some serious riding along the Durham Dales, winding roads here I come....
The afternoon session was alternative leading. I got the chance to show what I had learned and wow did I learn a lot!!! I was taking bends much much more confidently and with that confidence I was able to increase my speed and really start to enjoy riding the bends.
When I saw the video of how I was riding at the start of the day I am surprised I am still here to tell the tale. My positioning was all wrong. I was a sitting target for vehicles coming round bends from the opposite direction. I think bikewise should be mandatory for all riders. There would be a lot less accidents.
Thank you so much for a great day and giving me the confidence not only to really enjoy my bike, but also to enjoy it safely.
Sandie Andrews.

Colin French - 4 June 2011 09:24   
Had a great day out yesterday with Bob. The confidence is back and road positioning is now a lot better, really learnt a lot. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Ian Hunter - 24 May 2011 22:24   
Had a great day 1:1 training with Mick today. I had a good progressive ride dodging the showers and picked up some tips to improve my riding.

Stewart Smith & Sue Hayles - 23 May 2011 12:34
Fabulous day out for Sue and me, increased confidence for both of us on open and  "A" road riding.
Bob targeted the day at our specific needs, while covering all the aspects. Will do it again in a few years.

Michael Bamford - 14 May 2011 22:14   
Just like to thank Mick for a great day out, the training was absolutely invaluable and delivered so professionally, he makes it look so easy.
I certainly feel a lot more confident with the bike after the day with Mick.

Rachel Guyll - 30 April 2011 19:44
A big thank you to Bob, who made the training enjoyable, informative and challenging.
Already I feel more confident and better equipped as a rider. It has re energised my passion for bikes and I cant wait to put all the tips and techniques into practice!
Roll on summer!

Stephen Johnston - 27 April 2011 00:15
Did the training today with Bob. Amazing..... 
If you're thinking about doing it, DO IT!  You will not regret it (apart from the sore cheeks from grinning at yourself so much!).
Second to none advice for being safer, which leads to being smoother and masses of enjoyment. Nice relaxed environment.
It is a must for any motorcyclists whether your bike is your ride to work or your weekend toy. Everyone will learn something valuable and go home smiling.

Phill Johnston - 26 April 2011 20:47
Just completed my first BikeWise course today, with my 19year old son.
Bob was nothing short of outstanding in demonstrating and teaching me how a motorcycle should be ridden, despite me having over 20 years riding experience.
The knowledge and confidence he has now given me are priceless. His enthusiasm and teaching methods helped me get the best out of not only my bike, but myself.
Whether you've been riding a week or a decade, this course is for everyone. I now know I am going to be a safer and smoother rider.
I defy anyone to find more smiles per miles, than a day out with Bob.
Thank you, regards Phill.

Tom Pennock - 24 April 2011 20:05
Had a great day out on my BikeWise training day with Mick. It boosted my confidence a great deal in cornering, positioning and overtaking. I will be recommending the training day to all my biker mates.
Once again thanks Mick for a memorable training day.
Hope to see you on 24th July at BikeWise 2011.
Cheers Tom.

Stuart Gill - 24 April 2011 13:02
It's been a week since I did my training with Mick and it was one of the best days I've had on a bike, he showed the best position on the road for safe cornering, overtaking and just general better safer riding. I've been riding for over 10 years and leant a lot. I would recomend the course to anyone no matter how good your riding they will give you hints on how to be better . Thanks again Mick .

Neville Ward - 18 April 2011 21:23
Thanks Mick. I had a fantastic day  & I would recommend the training day to anybody

Sue Crossman - 15 April 2011 16:50
I passed my test in Jan 2010 but despite having clocked up over 9000 miles since both abroad and in this country but I was aware that my cornering could be slicker.
Mick put me at my ease as soon as we met and introductions over, we were off on the twisty roads of Durham county.Never criticizing but explaining, demonstrating and encouraging, he got me to make increased use of the road space to protect myself at all times (although I had previously thought I was doing this already), be extra vigilant when overtaking and gave me enhanced confidence in corners, thereby enabling me to get so much more enjoyment out of the bike.
I had such a buzz when it all came together, I was sorry when the day ended.
Would recommend this to anyone. keep up the great work guys!

David Harland - April 12th,2011
This is the second time that I've done this course, and it WONT be the last. The day was totally UN-THREATENING. I could feel improvements very early on an noticed quickly the improvement of observation.
The day was carried out like a ride with your mate, except I was constantly given encouragement and help and LOTS of it, Bob actually appeared to get a buzz out instructing and I didn't want the day to end.
Safety was paramount and technique increased at an alarming rate. I must admit I think I'm boring people because I can't stop talking about it. I can't wait until the next time.
I've done quite a few courses (which I think is important), but these lads are simply the TOP of the tree
Thanks so much again
David Harland

Dick Brew – April 12th, 2011
I took my BikeWise course with Bob Brown on 6th April 2011, and experienced a fantastic days riding in the Durham Dales.
Although already an IAM qualified rider, Bob's training took me to a new level of competence.
I finally understood, and could see and ride to the Limit Point, purely on throttle control and positioning.
My riding became very noticeably more smooth and flowing, with the resultant increase in progress (and enjoyment!).
I would highly recommend this course to any rider, whatever their level of experience, ability and training. You really are never too old to learn, and if it helps keep my arse of the tarmac, then its money well spent!
Thank you for a great day Bob!

Leigh Wilson – April 12th, 2011
Just completed a day’s training with Bob and I cannot recommend it enough. Bobs knowledge and enthusiasm was quite simply brilliant. I am new to biking but the principles he teaches would improve any rider of any ability. The fact that Bob was a police rider you know that you can trust the advice which is given. Not true of other advanced lessons i have heard stories about. I haven’t had a chance to put the lessons into practice (other than a late ride home), but I know the commentary will be echoing in my ear. £35 is a huge bonus and I have been recommending the course to everyone that I know (within and outside the Durham area). We have no problem in spending a couple of hundred pounds on a jacket or pair of boots..................what costs can you put to saving your life???

Glen Campbell – April 11th, 2011
Its funny how safe you think you are on a Bike until you do the Bikewise course !  You spend time passing your test and getting those lessons into your head and then you realise that your being taught how to pass your test and NOT how to ride your bike as safely as you could. You can carry these lessons with you all your life until you try the Bikewise course. You then go back and tell your mates who have been on Bikes for 30 odd years how you got on, and they try to contradict what you have been taught on the day -  then,  when you explain the why’s and how’s, they sit, quite amazed and comment "Never thought of it like that?"     and that's only 2 reasons why any rider of any age and experience should have a go at this course.   Reason Number 3, its £35 and I'm a Scotsman who got a bargain.

Bob Stevens – April 6, 2011
Just completed a fantastic day out with Bob and this is coming from me a guy in his sixties having only been biking for three years following a near forty-year gap. The information and techniques I gained from this was day out was way above what I expected. I knew because of my time out that I had several weaknesses the main one of these being cornering however by the afternoon I was going through corners quicker and safer than ever before and at no time was I out of my safety zone. I have not become an accomplished rider as a result of one day’s training but I have become safer and I know what areas I still have to work on. In short I would recommend any motorcyclist to go on the course it is excellent value for money and for me the cost of not doing this course could have been considerably higher. Thank you Bob

Tony Dickinson – April 1, 2011
I attended a 1-2-1 training day with Bob yesterday and would recommend this course to any bikers.
What a great day even the weather couldn't spoil it
The instruction was precise and easy to follow from the theory, to the actual putting it all in place on the road.
Some great roads up in the Dales, fast and flowing and with the instruction from Bob it all started to come together
I now feel I am a more confident and safer rider
My advice  - sign up you'll learn a lot

Paul Hollick – Jan 23, 2011
Still buzzing after the ride out today with Mick. After 23yrs away from owning a bike, to say I was apprehensive about restarting my motorcycling in a January (!) would be an understatement. But my F800GS feels like the most natural place to be now after a fantastic day out in Teesdale & Weardale, all thanks to Mick’s guidance and encouragement. Wet roads, ice, rain, and a stray sheep, should have left me traumatised so early on in my return to motorcycling but I felt focussed and in control the entire time - incredible! £35 to be trained by the guy that trains police motorcyclists - you would have to be mad to say no to that offer. See you later in the year when I come to do the course again on dry, warm roads. Cheers, Paul

Steve Farrow - Nov 23, 2010
Bikewise Training Day - what an amazing experience! All my initial apprehension vanished in no time having met Bob and been put completely at ease. I don't think I will ever again learn so much about roadcraft in a single day. I felt as if I had been taken from being a cautious newly qualified rider, to being an increasingly aware improver. Bob's analysis and commentary of the changing road conditions and the ways in which to respond was a complete eye-opener, and the 'in-ear' supportive comments were a constant source of encouragement. I found that, with Bob's guidance, I was attempting roadcraft manoeuvres which I didn't think I was capable of, and by the end of the day, felt that I had made real improvements in my awareness, anticipation, handling skills and confidence. There is no doubt that the day has changed my approach to riding, and that it was an exhilarating, productive and profitable use of time on a bike. Thanks again, Bob, and long may Bikewise offer its outstanding service to the Durham bikers' community. All the best, Steve Farrow

Daniel Fleming - Oct 28, 2010
I had an awesome day with Mick. He really took things at our own pace and ability. There's lots of things to make you a safer rider. The advice on observation was invaluable and how to corner quicker and safer was great. We were shown how to take junctions better and make better overtakes. Overall a great day, you can't fail to learn something! Ill be back for more in the Spring!

Tahir Jamil - Oct 25, 2010
I was a bit sceptical about the course thinking it will be all safety orientated, However this was not the case, it did have safety elements but mostly it was about how to make you a better rider, making you aware of the hazards around you and (my favourite) how to go round corners at a good but also safe pace. I would definitely recommend this too all types of riders. Thanks boys for the day, had an absolute blast.

Andy Wallwork - Oct 10, 2010
What a great day. Excellent training, thoroughly explained and demonstrated at a nice pace. Bob was always willing to take time answering any questions I had (no matter how stupid they were)in detail. The rides out were fantastic and my confidence grew massively as the day went on. All in all, highly recommended. The only downside is Bob's choice of football team :)

Ahsan Ahmed - Oct 10, 2010
Hi Mick, Just thought I'd leave some feedback for the training I did today, had a great time learning loads of different things and ultimately feeling like a better rider within one day which is quite unbelievable. By the end of the day I was approaching corners and exiting them at a much better pace than at the start of the day and this is quite remarkable since the weather wasn't the best and i usually go much slower and with less confidence when in sunny weather. Will thoroughly recommend this to anyone as there is always so much to learn. Thanks Bikewise :D

Ian Hartshorne - Oct 09, 2010
Great day out with Bob. Brilliant expert tuition, I didn't think I could learn so much in one day. Everyone should take advantage of this course - absolutely fantastic and I hope it continues for a long time. Cheers

Chris Chalkley - Oct 09, 2010
Just had a day out with my friend. Whilst we are both bikers of over 20 yrs experience each, Mick's tips and 5 point rule reminded us both of how enjoyable biking can be! Mick's advice was great and YOU CAN teach 2 old dogs new tricks! Great day out Mick.

Sandra Emery - Oct 09, 2010
I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to Mick. I have only recently passed my test and was a bit nervous on the road however Mick came to the rescue! He gave loads of great tips and has helped to improve my cornering and overtaking. I feel a lot more confident now. I would definitely recommend BikeWise, in fact my husband, who has been riding for 30yrs, has signed up to go out next week! And I'm planning to go on a refresher course next year! Thanks BikeWise!

Ray Blighe - Sep 21, 2010
I recently enjoyed a great day out on the BikeWise training course with Bob. I spent the first part of the day watching and listening in awe to Bob as he demonstrated his road awareness and vision and positional riding that I could only dream of. As the day went on though, I began to feel a lot more confident in the new road positioning Bob was showing me and realised the increased, safe cornering speeds achievable. I still find myself giving a running commentary about positioning and road conditions from time to time, the sounds of Bob’s voice still echoing around inside my helmet. A great day and well worth it, I feel safer and more confident every time I practise what Bob showed me.

Doug Hall - Sep 18, 2010
I have recently completed this training day with Mick. It was a fantastic day out and the most informative training I have received to date. I am a new rider so I got a lot of tips and a lot of my questions answered. I feel a lot better now when approaching corners and the road positioning I was taught has to be the key to safety. Thanks to Mick for a great day out as well as the tuition I enjoyed the company. Best wishes for the future and I would urge any rider, new or other wise to get this done, you will enjoy and learn from it.

Alex Curtis - Sep 18, 2010
Had a fantastic day's training with Bob. It certainly helped to reaffirm everything I had been learning in preparation for my forthcoming IAM test, but Bob also managed to go beyond that as I learned new aspects I hadn’t previously covered. Bob clearly has a wealth of experience and is a great instructor, he teaches a safe but progressive riding style for road riding that is not only be essential for inexperienced riders but would also benefit those with years of experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone else, and under the current scheme it represents exceptional value for money.

Mike Clark - Sep 16, 2010
A most enjoyable educational and confidence building day. After meeting Bob at Bowburn Services Bob gave me an overview of what the day would consist of and any areas I would like to practice on. The bike to bike intercom system was excellent and Bob took a video of me so we could view and comment at lunchtime (which I found excellent). I learnt gear and speed control, road positioning and the correct cornering procedure, which was my weakness. I could feel my confidence building by the minute with me leading or following Bob. We viewed the video footage and I realised I should have been on this training course years ago. All in all we covered over 130 miles during the day and I felt a far better rider after it. The following week myself and five other friends rode 600 miles around Scotland in various weather conditions and I enjoyed every single mile. I was told by my friends I rode with confidence and safety. My friends showed great interest in what I had learnt and are going to book up for the programme. I feel every motorcyclist whether new or experienced should attend Bike Wise as with everything in life you cannot stop learning. Once again thank you Bob for your time, knowledge and patience with my.  Mike Clark

Neil Morton - Sep 16, 2010
Had an excellent day out on Monday with Mick although I think we should have had a snorkel and flippers instead of helmet and gloves as the rain came with a vengeance and didn't leave us all day. Mick did his utmost to build my confidence to ride faster round corners but it still needs lots of work (It's in the mind you see!) On a serious note book this course no matter how great or terrible you think you are. The course is first-class - book it!! Thanks to Mick and the rest of the guys that run the section. It really is a worth-while programme.

Karen Chalkley - Sep 15, 2010
Thanks Mike for a great day. I feel as though I achieved a lot and am now much more confidant cornering.It is now more of a pleasure to ride my bike.Thanks again and I will be back!

Marty Curren - Sep 10, 2010
I had a great day out with Mick and my fellow rider Steve. A nice relaxed way of instructing with no pressure of a test. Well done Durham County and long may it continue.

Rog Warriner - Sep 06, 2010
I've been away for a few days, so its taken me a while to get my comment up, but i did promise! I did my training with Mick last week, and another guy, Rob MacLellan who's posted a few posts down from this one. Brilliant day out and I'd recommend it to anyone, new bikers or old, experienced or inexperienced, progressive or defensive, sports or tourers, well you get the message, I think this course has got something for everyone, and the trainers really are excellent - they are real bikers who want to share their knowledge and experience to improve biking safety first and foremost, but also to help us all have more fun. A few simple tips and some supervised practice, and I'm recognising the potential of my bike and getting far more enjoyment out of it. seriously, everyone should do this training, if you live in County Durham, make the most of the fact that we have a biker friendly county!

Jim Mylles - Sep 05, 2010
My wife and I had a days training with Bob Brown. What a top bloke he is. I have always had respect and admiration for police bike riders so it really made our day to be taught the same way as them by Bob. We have had a couple of ride outs since and have been amazed at the amount of confidence and feeling of being in control. I definitely think this type of training course helps you to become a better and safer rider,and, you are never too old to learn new skills even if you have been riding motorbikes since 1970 like me. My bike test lasted 10 minutes and involved NO training. I would recommend this training course to every biker regardless of age or experience. Thanks again to Bob Brown for a very informative days training.

Martin Wright - Sep 04, 2010
What an enjoyable an worthwhile day! Mick provided a great mix of theory, advice, encouragement and practical demonstrations. At the end my riding was significantly improved and I felt I had better control of the bike and a better appreciation of how to handle different types of hazards. Many thanks, I am keen to get out and practice more!

Lee Robinson - Sep 04, 2010
What a great day with Mick on the Bikewise Training day well worth it, recommend anyone old or new riders to give it a go. Go on sharpen your skills.

Len Hinds - Sep 03, 2010
An excellent days training with Mick, increasing my confidence in cornering and gaining observation skills and techniques, which has made me more aware of the dangers we can encounter and avoid. I was pleased to be paired up with a rider of similar experience and ability, so was under no pressure to maintain progress throughout the whole day. Highly recommended to any rider regardless of experience or ability you will have a thoroughly enjoyably day out.

Sue Mylles - Sep 02, 2010
I’ve read the comments below and can only agree wholeheartedly that this is an experience that I urge everyone to take advantage of. I had learnt the theory at the Northumberland Police Cornering Clinic but, to follow and be followed by, Bob and to put the theory into practice with Bob’s guidance, encouragement and enthusiasm ; made a massively invaluable difference. This is without mentioning the practice, skill and tips with my two other bugbears: overtaking and filtering. I can’t wait to get out for further practice to reinforce the intensive input of information that I received and for me to lead on to passing the DAM/IAM test. Many thanks for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge Bob.

Tim Collins - Sep 01, 2010
Quite simply the best money I've ever spent on anything to do with motorcycling! Many thanks Bob for a fantastic and hugely informative day. I would recommend this to any level of rider, young or old, new or experienced – the technique promoted by the course has vastly changed my road positioning which in turn has improved my view of road hazards and awareness of other road users.

Rob MacLellan - Aug 31, 2010
A big thanks to Mick for an amazing day! It was a bit stressful at times when it didn't feel like I was making much progress, but by the end of the day everything had just clicked into place, and my riding was much more fluid and confident. It was great to properly learn about road position and the vanishing point, which has greatly helped with my confidence, especially going round windy country roads. It was a truly fantastic day, and has definitely improved my riding, thoroughly recommended! Many thanks!

Sarah and Ian Marshall - Aug 31, 2010
Fantastic day! It was a lot to take in at first but with Bob's continual commentary, feedback and support our road positioning and cornering improved greatly and our confidence with it. Would recommend it to anyone who rides - and have! Now inspired to do further training in the near future and was one of the most enjoyable days we've had on our bikes. Thanks again, Bob.

Donald Russell - Aug 26, 2010
I really thought there would be little I could learn from the training day, but that it may help me with my confidence. I was wrong. I learnt a lot and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day too. Marvellous! I don't hesitate to recommend the training day to anybody and everybody who rides two wheels! Many thanks guys!

Steve Mullen - Aug 24, 2010
Fantastic day, everyone should be made to do it. Simple advice make's all the difference in your riding style. Thanks a lot.

Joe Marley - Aug 20, 2010
Excellent days training the knowledge gained in a few hours is amazing.well the time & money

Benson Adams - Aug 18, 2010
Absolutely amazing course! I will book my son in for this as soon as he passes his test. My cornering has improved immensely and have gained more confidence. This should be compulsory for all riders. Have done this with my partner Sarah, we will now be able to ride together and get so much more out of our bikes. Thanks Bob, cant find the words and thanks, seems so inadequate.

Sarah-Jane Linley - Aug 18, 2010
This course should be mandatory for all riders. This is the second time I have done this course, and it's not going to be the last! I upgraded to a much bigger bike earlier this year and feel much more confident on it now thanks to Bob. Really enjoyed a great day too. Can't thank you enough Bob...

Peter Dillon - Aug 13, 2010
Most enjoyable day..learnt so much..Bob was first class

David Taylor - Aug 12, 2010
What thoroughly enjoyable, informative, relevant and well planned day. I have learned more in one day than I have in the past two years. Bob delivered an excellent day of mini tutorials, commentaries, video feedback, and so much more. I feel safer, more confident and more aware. If every biker did this course we would all be so much safer on the roads. Can I now do a CarWise course?

Torben Stockmarr - Aug 06, 2010
A thoroughly enjoyable day out, many thanks Mick. I would recommend this to any biker to take up this excellent opportunity of training. Many thanks to the bikewise team for a really excellent set up.

Vince & Suzanne Harrod - Aug 05, 2010
An absolutely fantastic day,friendly instructors relaxed and very informative.Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Paul Vejins - Aug 04, 2010
Many Thanks, Bob. Great day, great fun, great company. This might just have saved my life. You should bottle it and make your million!

Keith Lippett - Aug 02, 2010
Cheers Bob. Fantastic days training, I didn't expect to learn quite as much and the bits I did know were worth relearning. A high speed lecture with all the pointing and hand signals thrown in. I'll recommend it to anyone who'll listen. The day just flew over. Thanks again.

Colin Jameson - Jul 20, 2010
Thanks to Bob for a brilliant day out training in May. I found his teaching style to be excellent- not what I was expecting- just a biker, not a copper (ex)! This approach I think, made all the difference. I am an experienced biker with an open mind and would say that this day out is a must for every biker as you will get something from it and make you safer.

Gareth Tervitt - Jul 20, 2010
Had a brilliant day with Bob. learnt a huge amount in a short space of time and I suspect am a much safer rider because of today. Thank you

Steve Taylor - Jul 20, 2010
Firstly thanks Mick for such an enjoyable day. After twenty odd years away from biking and previously only rode a 350cc bike i had bought a 600cc bike and new some training was in order. Turned up on the day a little apprehensive and low on confidence. Mick put me at ease straight away. My failings were soon identified and at the end of the day my road positioning was totally different also my cornering whilst not perfect was more fluent and controlled. Needless to say my confidence was vastly improved. So once again thanks Mick and the bikewise team for an excellent set up. Any biker thinking of enrolling would be crazy not to take up this excellent opportunity of training.

Peter McGowan - Jul 14, 2010
After 28 years away from bikes and riding nothing bigger than a 250cc until I recently went through my test, I bought a CBR1000F....so it'll be no surprise that I lacked confidence in my ability to ride such a large machine. I improved in leaps and bounds riding with other more experienced riders, but it was obvious I wasn't confident going into corners. Now, after completing the bikewise course today, I feel I am in real control of the bike instead of the bike being in control of me...a wonderful feeling. Mick's instruction and demonstration was superb...I feel a lot safer on the road due to his ability to put things across in an easy to understand manner...cheers Mick. If you want to improve your riding skills for little cost, plus have a cracking day out on some fab roads, all you need is £35 and the desire to be a better rider.

Neil Hunter - Jul 08, 2010
I would like to say a BIG thank you to Mick Alder for what has been a fantastic day out. I have been riding for just over one year, & felt the time was right to get some further training. I could not have chosen a better course than this. Not only was Mick's knowledge and instruction invaluable, but his enthusiasm brought my riding & confidence on in leaps & bounds, (plus he got the coffee's in, cheers Mick) I would recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike, no matter how good YOU think you are. It has to be the best £35 i have ever spent.

Steve Anwyl - Jul 05, 2010
Thanks Bob for a fantastic days training, great value at £35. I feel more confident and ultimately safer on the road thanks to your excellent instruction. Bikers talk a good safe ride but, to get instruction from professionals with your experience really cements the understanding of the subject. The value of which cannot be underestimated. BikeWise Training should be mandatory continuation training for all people who pass the motorcycle test. Thanks again Bob and keep up the good work !

Steve Conn - Jul 01, 2010
Just completed the training and want to say how much I enjoyed the day, I learnt loads and feel my confidence has improved no end. I would recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike. Great training, great instructors, great days riding, probably the best £35 you ever spend!!! Once again, many thanks to Mick."

David Towler - Jul 01, 2010
Mick, thanks for a super day yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I'm sure you and your team are a major contribution to road safety. Not sure who coined that phrase originally...but it seams to fit bikewise.

James Finlayson – Jun 30,2010
Thank you Bob for a great days training, I now feel more confident in all aspects of my riding and feel safer when taking my daughter as a pillion rider. For £35 every rider should take this course. I now hope to progress onto the IAM course to increase the skills I have learnt on this training. Thanks again Bob for an excellent day.

Glen Carr - Jun 30, 2010
Many thanks to Bob for a great day out on the road. I thought I was an ok rider until Bob showed me the video of me on our first leg of the day. Once he had taught me the system of riding they use I felt I had improved 100 per cent! It has given me renewed confidence and ability and I think every rider should have the opportunity to benefit from BikeWise Training. Thanks again Bob!

John Hosler - Jun 28, 2010
I would like to thank Mick for a fantastic day's training. I think everyone should take this course as it really helps your confidence. I hope it will never get cut. Thanks Mick.

Paul Miller - Jun 25, 2010
First class training instructor's thank you Mike, even after 20+ years of on/off motorcycle riding, I have learned stuff today that really made sense with regard to road positioning and hazard awareness. I personally didn't really think I would get much out of this day's training, but boy was I wrong!!. What I learnt today will stick with me for good, and could quite easily help safe my life! Thanks again bud.

Peter Richardson - Jun 17, 2010
When I applied for the course I thought it would be very much back to basics,I was very wrong. When we arrived Mick asked us what areas we needed to work on, we told him and that's exactly what we did. There was no messing about it was straight to the point. A few hours and 200 miles later I left a much more confident rider and I felt I had really taken a lot from the days training. I would recommend this to anyone, and for the price you are not going to get this level of training anywhere. Great Instructor and great day out........"

Peter Watson - Jun 17, 2010
Just done my bikewise training day with Mick Alder. This was an excellent days training which was delivered in a concise, friendly and professional manner. Mick explained the training in easy understandable terms which made the practical side of things just fall into place. This has made me a more confident, aware and especially a safer biker. THIS COURSE IS A MUST FOR BIKERS !!!!!!!!!

Graeme Marshall - Jun 14, 2010
Bar emptying our wheelie bins every week could BikeWise be the best thing the county council could DO?! Making us safer & saving lives! The day was excellent fun, friendly and full of usefully information, which at first all sounded a lot to take in, but with the help of Bob’s constant commentary (which I still hear in my head whilst riding) all fell into place when I jumped on my bike! I passed my test early Feb. 2009 and feel some of the course content should be part of the actual test! I have recommended this course to all my biking friends and would advise anyone reading this post to give it a go! WELL WORTH £35 of anybody‘s money!!!

Charlie Dickinson - Jun 14, 2010
Had a fantastic days training last week with Mick Alder from the Bikewise team. Having made a return to motorcycling after a gap of over 20 years i was in no doubt I needed retraining. Mick is a real pro when it comes to motorcycle training and he taught me skills I never thought I could learn in just one day. I am now a safer and more confident rider thanks to Bikewise Training. Many thanks to the Bikewise Team. FIVE STAR!!!!!

Suzanne Hitchinson - Jun 12, 2010
Thanks to Mick, had a great day's training. For anyone who has any doubts... go and do it!! Learned some really useful tips and wasn't made to feel incompetent or inadequate in any way. Constructive criticism was delivered in a really useful way. The roads and scenery were just great which added to the whole experience. Thanks Mick!!

Michael Dunbar - Jun 06, 2010
What an excellent course this is. My riding developed more in one day spent with Bob, than it has in a year and a half of trying to figure it out by myself. The knowledge transferred really does aid in raising your standards of riding and learning how to get more out of your motorcycle whilst at the same time respecting it and other road users. The sun was out, the ride was great, the tea was hot and the company was good. What more can you want! Thanks very much :)

Alan & Sam - May 30, 2010
Bob, thanks for an absolutely brilliant day. We thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt so much and will definitely be safer and better riders in the future. Hopefully will be going on to do the IAM course. Thanks again. Sam and Alan.

Dave Myers - May 27, 2010
Attended the BikeWise course on the 21/5/10. Like many bike riders we have a built in assumption that we are all good riders and don't need to be retrained after we have completed our initial test. I surprised myself at how complacent I had become over the years where I saw road signs and paint on the road and just saw them as objects, with no interest in the reasons for them being there.... I completed the one day course and over the next few days took advantage of the fine weather and put the further training into practise and enjoyed some very relaxing and stress free riding. Prior to the course I would ride from point A to B on auto pilot and focus less than 100yards ahead of me, with no for thought of what's around the next corner. AS FAR AS READING THE ROAD,POSITIONING.SCANNING THE ROAD AHEAD AND PLANNING. there was no training on this when I first started to ride a bike many years ago Providing you could ride in the centre of the lane,indicate a change of direction,complete life saver head checks and obey the speed limit and appear to ride in a controlled safe manner that was the sum total of my learner days. It was not until I completed this BikeWise course that I realised that there is so much missing from rider training at learner level, this type of advanced rider course is vital for all biker's to undertake to ensure their safety as well as others. The system of motorcycle control and road positioning which I was taught has greatly improved my riding skills in only a short period of time, The reading of the road has become an easy skill to adopt. I now read the road signs closest to me rather than focusing on the biggest one far ahead, taking the time to read and understand the smaller ones as I approach them. Like many other riders I would see the white lines painted on the road and just see them as lane dividers, and not take the time to understand the reasons for their size and length and most of all " the warning of a hazard ahead. I now have a clear understanding of the Five Phases of The system, which has now become a transferable skill from bike to car. The BikeWise course was an easy course to complete, with all training given in a basic simple format with no complicated sections to confuse the rider, This advanced course has been an eye opener for me from a safe riding point of view, and I strongly believe that without this type of training I would continue to ride in a auto pilot and remain complacent of the signage which are there for a reason...... The course has been a learning curve for me as well as the transferable skill, I hope to progress onto the IAM's course and increase my to training to a higher level. Thank you Bob, for the superb training day, and giving me the opportunity to further my safer riding skills  Cheers Dave Myers

Richard Clement - May 24, 2010
An excellent day out with Bob, enjoyable and educational at the same time. The training is delivered in an positive, enthusiastic way that means you can't help but learn something, no matter what level you start the day at. Thanks.

David Henderson - May 22, 2010
I have been an IAM for 3 yrs and wanted a "fresh" pair of eyes to observe me to see what bad habits I had picked up and where I could improve my riding skills. Step up Mick Alder. Mick took me out for a day of being observed and to advise, show me where I could improve my riding skills. I learn a great deal about my riding. As a result I am more confident and this has the extra bonus of me being to enjoy my days out on the bike even more than before. I saw today's training as an investment in myself and I wasn't disappointed with the outcome. Great value for money. I would recommend anyone to do what I have done. Mick was very well informed and patient with me explaining and answering all of my questions. Cheers Mick

Peter Hardy - May 19, 2010
Excellent training day. Improved my knowledge and abilities. Highly recommended to all riders. Thanks again, Mick!

Chris Wilson - May 14, 2010
This was my second Bikewise training day, this time, with Mick Alder. The training refreshed what I had done last year and further improved both my riding and confidence. Thanks again Mick

Andrew Duckworth - May 13, 2010
I've been riding now for 30 years continuously and passed my advanced test 11 years ago. I found today's course with Bob both fun and informative. You're never too old to learn and I would recommend the Bikewise Training course to anyone who rides a bike.

Andy Bones - May 13, 2010
Very good day well worth doing

David Badcock - May 11, 2010
What a great day on the bike with Bob, freshened up the skills and enjoyed every minute.

Jerry Trowbridge - May 10, 2010
Best £35 I have spent in a very long time. Mick is a very experienced instructor who instils confidence in your riding If your thinking about doing it – do it .. I feel much more comfortable & confident and in my riding. Thanks Jerry

Terry Dowson - May 09, 2010
After 20 years + away from motorcycles, I thought why not do a BikeWise course and see if there was anything I had forgot, well, truth is, I've just been shown there was so much I had never even known! I know now, that I can ride safer thanks to both the Bikewise team (Bob Brown) and the wise guys who fund them. Cheers.

Ian Suggett - May 08, 2010
Just completed a day of Bikewise training today with Mick Alder and would recommend it to anyone. The day was tailored to my needs and I feel I'm a more confident, smoother, safer and quicker rider than I was before. I enjoyed every minute of the day and at £35 it's fantastic value. Thanks very much Mick!

Jonathan Knowles - May 08, 2010
I really enjoyed my day out on the BikeWise Training day with Mick. From the start the course was fun but also informative and through the day we covered some really great roads which I'm sure I'll have to revisit. The course was perfect, bringing me back up to speed after long winter and will no doubt result in smoother riding this summer! Thanks very much Mick!

Mike Fleming - May 04, 2010
At age 59 and having passed my test in November 2009 I have just completed a days training with Bike Wise. My trainer, Mick Alder, met me on the morning of the course and from that first hand shake he was the consummate professional. After the pre ride checks of the bike and paperwork we were off for a rider assessment and it very soon became apparent that I exhibited all of the usual faults of a new rider. 130 miles later,several stops for feedback and coffee we were back in the car park for the debrief which again was delivered in a positive way. I feel that my riding improved throughout the day all down to Mick's tuition and patience. It would be difficult to imagine a more challenging yet enjoyable and fulfilling experience. I am still buzzing and cant wait to get out on more rides to put into practice the techniques Mick shared with me. The most useful aspect of the day was to be given a whole new appreciation of how to stay safe by use of the riders mantra, observation, position, speed, gearing and acceleration. A big thank you to BikeWise and to Mick for a great day, I will be back for some more of the same.

Peter Osborne - May 04, 2010
Well once again a fantastic day has been had on BikeWise training course, these guys do a fantastic job, helping you with the correct training to help keep you safe on the roads. This is the second time I have done the BikeWise course and can safely say it wont be the last as every day is a learning day, and what the guys at BikeWise give you is a skill for life. The training is pupil based so everybody is catered for to a fantastic standard, once again a big thanks to Mick for a fun, fantastic and SAFE days riding keep up to good work and all for a mere £35 what more can you ask for!!!!

Bernadette Stockmarr - May 04, 2010
Just over 1 year after passing my test I finally got round to doing this course on 30/4/2010 after months of nagging from my husband about how wonderful it is. A good 18 months after completing the course himself my husband still randomly comes out with comments like "...and another thing Bob taught me was..." and now I know why. An excellent days training designed to improve your skills and confidence regardless of your level. Thinking about doing this training but think you can't afford it? You can't afford NOT to do it so just get it booked! Worried that you might find it difficult to take in all the information or be pushed to do things you don't feel comfortable with? Firstly, none of it's rocket science just good sound common sense advice from a seasoned pro who knows what he's talking about and can get the points across in an easy to understand way. I was also amazed by how much I did know already but didn't realise I knew or didn't know how to put this knowledge into practice in a safe way (for me and other road users). Secondly, there is no pressure whatsoever. The day is all about what you want to get out of it and tailored to suit your own pace of learning. You will receive nothing but encouragement every step of the way and learn so much I can't think of any reason not to do one of these courses. Whichever course you do and no matter what it costs, it's money well spent - top instruction from top instructors. I still have a lot more to learn but at least now I have the building blocks to use to go out and practice what I've learnt and will definitely consider doing more Bikewise training in the future.

Damian Hall - Apr 30, 2010
Just completed a days BikeWise Training with a good mate and Bob Brown. If you are into bikes, this course should almost be compulsory! I’ve been riding for over 20 years and was amazed at how much I learnt and how much I just enjoyed the day. Bob is an incredible rider and I don’t think I’ve met anyone more enthusiastic about all things motorbikes. The way questions are taken in and the way information is given and tailored to suit individual needs also marks him out as a great coach. Following Bob on the stunning dales roads around High Force whilst ‘making steady progress’ was just brilliant. I had my riding challenged in a really safe and positive way and have new tools to develop a much better, safer and more aware riding style. A top day - if you haven’t already, book up quick!

Jez Corfield - Apr 29, 2010
Just wanted to say thanks to the BikeWise team, and especially Bob for an excellent days training and riding. My buddy Damian and myself learnt many things that aren't usually taught, my riding will by smoother, safer and more progressive thanks to Bob. Thanks!

Paul Hails - Apr 28, 2010
This was my first real on road training session since passing my test 10 years ago. What a day, so many simple tips I picked up from Mick the trainer for the day, that will make my riding safer and more pleasurable. Thank You Paul.

Andy Irwin - Apr 24, 2010
Well this was my second "Bikewise Training Day". The first was in 2008, building on that day I went on to pass my IAM, thanks to Bob and the guys at DAM. If you have done this course once, then good on you, believe me a second day is just as rewarding, if not more so. Training and building your skill base is something that needs to be constantly refreshed, you never stop learning. Cheers Andy

Colin Lowther - Apr 23, 2010
Had a great day and if only there were more people doing this then I think the roads would be a lot safer to be on. I'm a safer rider as of this (BikeWise Training), so keep up the good work Bob and Mick. Thanks again

Dave Irwin - Apr 22, 2010
Absolutely fantastic day. I considered myself to be a safe rider but! There were many snippets of useful information some of which confirmed my style and approach but much more which have helped to make me a much safer and more aware rider. This sort of instruction should be compulsory for new riders or a penalty option for unsafe riders. Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Ian Wilson - Apr 15, 2010
BikeWise Training had a fantastic day. Trainer Mick did a great job. I've been riding for years but still learnt a lot today I recommend it to anybody. information,position,speed,gears,acceleration,it all makes sense and a life saver. 5 stars.Thanks to every one involved.

Paul Jones - Apr 13, 2010
Excellent, highly recommended

Colin Finlay - Apr 13, 2010
I started riding bikes almost forty years ago when I was a student, took a break when the kids arrived and restarted when the kids began riding themselves about fourteen years ago! This should mean that I am a pretty experienced rider and I should know a thing or two, but Bob taught me so much more and made me think much more widely about riding. Bob focuses upon the individual needs of the rider and works to develop your skills so that by the end of the day you will be a much better rider, more relaxed and more consciously aware of the road than you have ever been before. Thanks for a marvellous day’s instruction, Bob. I recommend this experience to every rider, regardless of age or experience.

Roger Jones - Dec 02, 2009
At 65yro I am not a borne again biker; I'm a new biker. I recognise the need to take steps to reduce my risk of an accident. Various post-test pass schemes are available. For me, as a start, Bike-Wise-Training seemed to fit the bill. I chose the all day one to one option. I would recommend that unless funds are very tight. It allows the trainer, Mick Alder in my case, to give 100% to one trainee's needs, rather than compromise between two trainees' of likely differing needs and abilities. BikeWise-Training's philosophy is based on maximum time "in the saddle", so after only five minutes of paperwork and introductions, I was on my bike heading down the motorway. This was the pace for the rest of the day, except for short face to face debriefs, coffee and lunch stops. We rode along every type of road, sometimes Mick leading so I could follow his track, sometimes Mick following, to fully observe my ride. He soon had me riding along country lanes, feeling safe and confident, at speeds I would not previously have thought within my competence. The emphasis was always on INFORMATION, POSITION, SPEED, GEAR, ACCELERATION. The beauty of BikeWise-Training is that there is no fixed syllabus, Mick soon identified my weaknesses and for the main part of the day concentrated on them, interspersed with longer runs which meant that the day did not drag nor become boring. It soon became obvious to me that this training can benefit any rider, new or experienced. It is my intention to practice the new techniques and then return for another session. On a second day, I'd probably have the option to go with the other trainer, Bob Brown, for a different viewpoint. In my case I think I'll go for continuity, but that’s just "me".

Paul CaseLaw - Nov 28, 2009
Bob, sorry for the delay in posting my comments. Thanks for a superb day out last month.Prior to the day I was unsure how much I would get from it, being a reasonably seasoned rider (LOL). However,I didn't realize how little I knew - really... It was a complete pleasure riding with you and I have taken so much from it that will last me the rest of my biking life.Am riding safer, quicker with loads of confidence,I'm also seeing so much more . All through a chance meeting with Iain in Scotland. Funny life aint it . Once again, Many Thanks. Paul

Ian Gowland - Oct 31, 2009
Just like to thank Mick for a cracking day yesterday. The BikeWise training course was brilliant, I thought I was doing alright recently having just passed my test but the skills and techniques myself and Nick were taught throughout the day have improved my safety, confidence and overall enjoyment! What more can you ask for!! Along side having an enjoyable informative day out we were shown a few real previous accident situations which just further helped the safety incentive of the course. I would and will be recommending the Bikewise training course to anybody (suppose it would be handy if they were bikers)

Ian Bell - Oct 31, 2009
Thanks to the BikeWise Training team for a great day out. I learnt a lot in just one day to improve my riding and road safety awareness. I would recommend this training day to everyone, doesn't matter how long you have been riding.

Nick Cairns - Oct 30, 2009
FANTASTIC!!! Highly recommended. You'll take from the day exactly what you want as it's tailored around you. Cheers Mick for a crackin day!

Andy Jones - Oct 14, 2009
I really enjoyed my day with Bob, he is an excellent instructor and the course teaches you valuable skills to improve your riding. I would highly recommend. Thanks again.

Sandra Forster - Oct 13, 2009
Thanks very much to Mick for a superb days training yesterday. As a new rider it was absolutely invaluable. I think it should be compulsory. It was like having my eyes opened! Anyone can benefit from bikewise training ,but if you are fairly new, it's a no brainer-you must do it. A terrific day on lovely roads. I came away feeling as though I'd learnt loads. Great stuff.

Chris Wilson - Oct 11, 2009
Thanks again Bob for the excellent training, had a great day out on the bike. I can thoroughly recommend Bikewise training to anyone like myself who has just passed their test.

Jane Stephenson - Oct 05, 2009
Went out with Bob last week and had a fantastic day. Learned all sorts of really useful hints and tips. . . . .have even been talking to myself on occasion since!! Bob was a brilliant instructor, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive, really encouraging and confidence inspiring. Didn't realise I had it in me to make such `progress`! Even managed to raise the other half`s eyebrows when we went out together!! The only downside is that I left it too late in the year to practice my newfound skills much but will definitely be booking another day early next spring. Thanks again Bob for a brilliant day, one of the best I have had on 2 wheels.

Mark Lummis - Sep 28, 2009
This is a great day and thoroughly recommended. Even if you learn only one thing that can help prevent an accident, then it is worth it. After over 20 years of riding sports bikes you can still pick up new techniques and give yourself a refresher in case you have lapsed into any bad habits. Really enjoyed the day, the roads, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor (Bob “its running” Brown) and even the weather, which was kind. Well worth doing. Thank you again.

Kevin Bell - Sep 27, 2009
Fantastic day and Mike even sorted the weather out! Nice one. I can't recommend the day highly enough. Friendly and thorough training and some of the best roads you will ever ride on. Add to your enjoyment of bike riding and your safety - sign up now!

Ben Strutt - Sep 27, 2009
I cannot emphasis strongly enough how valuable the day’s Bikewise training has been. Riding out with highly experienced instructors who are passionate about motorcycling has raised my game and opened my eyes; regardless of you age or experience you will find that the training ensures you are better equipped to deal with whatever the road conditions or situation throw at you with increased competence and confidence. Thanks Bob, a fantastic day out. Congratulations to Durham Police and DCC for taking such a constructive, positive and enjoyable approach to road safety and education.

Mick Brown - Sep 24, 2009
Wow, Genuine passion, skill and commitment to BikeWise was the first thinks that came across when I had my day out with Bob. Even better he passed these onto me! A superb intro into safer and better riding leaving me wanting more. Highly recommended to anyone who rides. Could save your life one day. Thanks once again.

Pete Roberts - Sep 22, 2009
What a superb days extremely professional training.Bobs expert knowledge is shared with huge enthusiasm.This initiative will make a massive difference to your riding skills, however good they may feel at the start!

Mark Turner - Sep 20, 2009
Thank you Bob for a fantastic day out. A must for all bikers. Great value and it has encouraged me to take my advanced test

Darren Dunn - Sep 20, 2009
Thank you very much to Mick Alder. Had a great day gained so much from Mick's vast knowledge. Would recommend Bikewise training to all my friends as I can assure you it will be the best £35 they will spend. Cheers Darren.

Ian Harrison - Sep 19, 2009
Fantastic.Really makes you think about your riding.An absolute credit to all involved. Thank you very much.

Bert McGinley - Sep 18, 2009
Thanks for a great day out Mick (I am sure David Bailey has nothing to be worried about). If all of your students get as much from a day out with you as I did, then there will be a lot more safer bikers on the roads. Cheers Bert

Gerry Orchard - Sep 10, 2009
Many thanks for a great day, Mick! Back on two-wheels after a 12 year break, and this Bikewise course was just what I needed to improve my riding and increase my confidence. Good instruction and encouragement really made it an enjoyable and relaxing experience. I’ll definitely be coming back for a refresher in 2010 when I’m 60!!! Will certainly recommend Bikewise to other riders. Best wishes to everyone at Bikewise, and keep up the great work!

Laura Kennerley (MCN) - Sep 10, 2009
If you haven't done BikeWise training, you must! Riding coaches Bob and Mick are great fun, incredibly knowledgeable and able to share their knowledge in an articulate and understandable way. They are passionate about biking, and their enthusiasm guarantees a good days riding on some stunning roads. I learnt a lot, definitely improved my riding, and best of all had a fantastic time doing it! Thanks guys!

Pat Young - Sep 07, 2009
Thanks for a great day out Bob. BikeWise Training is something every bike rider should do. I promise you will come away with a smile on your face. Once again THANKS..

David Badcock - Sep 04, 2009
At 58 and with at least two days bike training a year I take this sort of thing seriously. I'm not a natural rider but doing about 25,000 miles a year am probably a 7/10 level. I got a great deal from the day and the main improvement was in higher cornering speeds. Exceptional days training tailored for your specific needs.

Alan Bewley - Sep 03, 2009
I'm not a newcomer to motorcycles,and have undertaken training several times in the past. This was a brilliant day, full of good solid advice from two very experienced instructors. The good thing for me was that they didn't just roll out a pre-determined course, but they assessed my level of competence at an early stage, and tailored the day to suit my needs, and maximise my learning. I would definitely recommend this training to any motorcyclist, regardless of experience & ability. This is £35 for a whole DAY of Advanced Training. Look around.....Commercial Training Organisations charge learners that for an HOUR !!! Need I say more.. except Thank you Alan Bewley

Michael Hall - Aug 31, 2009
I attended the course on 28th Aug 09. There are few words needed to describe it, excellent, WELL worth the time and everything that its made out to be. Went out with Bob Brown, he knows his stuff! Listen to what's being said and it all makes sense, learnt so much that will help make my riding more fun exciting and confident, anyone who's wondering whether to do the course... don't hesitate. You'll love it and get so much more out of it than you'll ever expect. Thanks again. Michael Hall

Dennis Gilmore - Aug 31, 2009
I did my BikeWise Training on 28th Aug 2009. What can i say? Bob Brown certainly knows how to get people's confidence up.I learnt so much today which I will take away and use to make my bike riding more safe and fun.I would recommend this to every biker from novice to professional.Thanks again Bob for such a great and informative day. Dennis Gilmore

Allan Gordon Craggs - Aug 29, 2009
Bike wise, what can I say? Bob Brown’s tuition and commentary excellent. I learnt so much today I can now read the road so much better making me a safer and smoother rider all round. The routes they use are fantastic, bends and sweepers galore. There’s always something you can learn and these lads will show you. A must for every serious biker out there. Cheers again Bob for such a great day and all your help. Thanks very much for your help today Allan/Gordon

Matt Dixon - Aug 27, 2009
I did my bikewise earlier today, and I had such an excellent day that I must write this before the day is out. I had a superb time, with excellent tuition, guidance and commentary from Bob. Bobs advice has improved my cornering ability no end, increasing my confidence and enjoyment from the bike. Most of all I feel that I will now be a safer smoother rider, and much more aware. Thanks again for a wonderful day. I would highly recommend this to any rider.

Craig Mitchell - Aug 27, 2009
I did a Bikewise course last year with Bob and came back this year for a refresher with Mick. This course is a must for anyone who hasn't done any post-test training and you'll be surprised at just how much you can take in, in one day. This is what the DSA should be promoting for all riders. Definitely recommended.

Martin Kirby - Aug 25, 2009
I went out with Mick & "Supergran at the weekend. What a fantastic day. I ride most days to & from work, a 90 mile round trip, so I wondered what I would get out of the course. The answer, a whole lot more than I could imagine. Thanks for your time and patience Mick it was worth coming and I have been recommending the course to friends & relatives

Sharron Kirby - Aug 25, 2009
What can I say about Mick Alder. He took an old wrinkly and turned me into Supergran with the ability to go round corners AND keep up with the boys. Mick is the first instructor I have met who helped me reach a level I had thought was impossible. Thank you so very much Mick.

Derek Power - Aug 24, 2009
Hello, It was three weeks since I went on a Bike Wise course with Mick (sorry for the delay but I have been on holiday. I would just like to offer my thanks to Mick for a fantastic day. I feel I have progressed from being an adequate motorcyclist to a more competent and confident one. Thanks for a great day and a great teacher. Cheers, Derek

Tony Livo - Aug 22, 2009
Well what can i say?? - Firstly a very enjoyable day on the bikes. I've taken sooo much from this 1 day course, I so wish i had done it earlier in my short riding career, the training is tailored to your needs which is so helpful I concentrated on cornering, and wow how it improved during the day is a compliment to Bob's great training abilities (and non stop commentary!)I cant wait to get back out to try my new found skills :)

Alan Lovejoy - Aug 18, 2009
I attended the Bikewise 1:1 training with Bob Brown yesterday - and what an instructive and enjoyable day out! I was, in another life, a Chief Instructor and Part 1 Test examiner with the Star Rider organisation and been riding for 40+ years. However, I have recently had a near 4 year layoff from riding bikes whilst working abroad (sensible people don't ride bikes in the middle of China!!) so wanted to 'brush up' on my riding and roadcraft skills. We went very clearly through what I wanted out of the day and Bob delivered perfectly!!! I can't recommend the training highly enough - all bike riders should try to take at least some of the training! A very big thank you to him and the rest of the Bikewise team.

Laura Gemmill - Aug 18, 2009
A big thanks to Mick for a great day on the bikes. This is a super course to go on to touch up those skills, whether they be cornering, braking, positioning, etc. or just all-round confidence. The guys are extremely welcoming and friendly, and provide a great environment to tackle ANY concerns you have about your riding. No matter who you are you're guaranteed to take something out of the day….there's ALWAYS room for improvement! For those who are lacking in confidence and maybe feel a little intimidated by riding with an advanced trainer, no worries; the guys are very approachable. Things are taken at your own pace, and you're never pushed to do anything you don't feel happy with. As a female biker myself, I can definitely vouch that you're never met with those typical male attitudes…..I couldn't speak more highly of Bob and Mick. By the end of the day you'll be brimming with confidence and will be wondering why you didn't take the course sooner! So, for all the ladies….get your finger out and book up now! A fantastic, fun day, that leaves you a better, safer, more skilled rider. Thanks again Mick.

Robert Bell - Aug 18, 2009
Hi just like to let you know thanks for all my training, I've just come back from the south of France and many other country's. I did 4000 miles return trip, the training that I had was a great help also the advice for being on the left hand side, hope to catch up on a ride out. Thanks again Mick.

Sarah-Jane Linley - Aug 16, 2009
I have been riding bikes for as long as I can remember - growing up in the Cotswolds I learnt how to ride off-road on 'chicken-chasers' from when I was old enough to stand. Having had 10+ years break from riding a bike I thought I would take the Bikewise training. I can honestly say that I only learnt how to ride a bike on this day! Bikewise training should be compulsory for all bikers. Mick was an inspiration and I will probably do this training regularly to make sure I don’t fall into bad habits (any discounts for repeat business guys???). I was also embarrassed to say that I could not put my bike on its centre stand but now I manage it with so much ease that I wonder how I ever had a problem with it! Keep up the good work guys. xx

Tim Hayden - Aug 13, 2009
What a fantastic day, perfect weather, perfect course and perfect instruction. Initially the running commentary from Bob is quite a challenge to take in and process all the info, however as the day goes on and the mechanics understood, everything falls into place and every morsel of commentary can be processed and used real time. Bob's explanations are superb and easy to understand making the day a fun and enjoyable one. Despite having been riding uninterrupted for 30 years my understanding and confidence has grown massively and I cannot imagine anyone coming away without learning anything! My advice - BOOK NOW…

Dave Neal - Aug 13, 2009
Just finished a great days training with Mick Alder, brilliant guy really down to earth and a great instructor. He asked us at the beginning of the day what we would like to come away with at the end of day and that's exactly what we got plus loads. By the end of the day my confidence had grown and I knew were I had to be on the road, what I should be looking for, my riding is a lot smoother and I feel safer which is what we all want, isn't it? I recommend the training to anybody it's great value for money, especially if ya live in the Durham County, £35 you must be mad if you haven't done it yet!!! Thanks again Mick brilliant day.

Dave Coates - Aug 12, 2009
Just had a top day out with Bob. Although I have been riding on the road for 20 odd years,I realize I have picked up some bad habits and got lazy,two very dangerous traits to be riding on the roads with ! But a day with Bob and his amazing non stop commentary has done the trick and I am now thinking much more about road positioning,looking ahead more and taking in much more information from around me.Bob is such a genuine, enthusiastic and friendly guy.Its a pleasure to spend the day riding and learning from him. I would recommend this course to anybody who rides a motorcycle. Cheers Bob.

Peter Holley - Aug 09, 2009
What a brilliant day on the bike. Many thanks to Mick for showing how it should be done, If you don't learn a whole lot of great bike riding techniques on a bikewise training day then it's time to sell your bike and give up riding. Book yourself a day and make your biking a whole lot safer and fun.

Tony Seed - Aug 06, 2009
My day out on the bike yesterday 5th August with Bob Brown was a real eye opener on safe and therefore much more enjoyable riding. I was shown the systematic method of putting into practice safe riding which the Police have refined over years in cornering, overtaking, in the town, etc, all allied to making good observation. His detailed explanations of the theory were excellent and the running commentary is a major training asset; I'm not sure how many pairs of eyes he's got though! Now I can try to put that into practice to get at least a bit of the smooth and confident style he demonstrated. All in all a very useful day out which I will use for my improved safety and fun on the road, and I will/do recommend it to any motorcyclist. It is a really cost effective public service

Bill McCready - Aug 06, 2009
The training day I had with Bob was one of the most enjoyable and informative days in over 40years of motorcycling. Bob's running commentary was unbelievable on the amount of observation that he was relaying to me. I would recommend this course to any motorcyclist no matter what experience he or she has had. Position, Observation and safety were emphasised. I gained more skills and knowledge on top of my experience from this days training. Thanks Bob once again fro a fantastic day. "

Chris Hudson - Jul 08, 2009
Had a smashing day, great skills learned to add to my riding which will act as a basis for further learning, a must for all new motorcyclists in County Durham!

Kelvyn Skee - Jul 07, 2009
I have to echo all the other comments on this page. What a highly informative and productive day. Bob is patient and very knowledgeable, its remarkable the change between the first run of the day to the last. This is a fantastic days training and you can achieve more in that one day than in the last few months of riding I have had. Recommending BikeWise to everyone I know, regardless of how long they have been riding.

Dave Cowley - Jul 06, 2009
Hi Bob. Thanks for a great day.I have been riding now for 39 yrs approx 12000 miles a year, and some of you reading this will be asking the question why? Well we all have old habits, some good, and some not so good, as it happened I didn't have to many bad ones, but for those of you that are thinking about a BikeWise course, just do it, it could save your life one day. Safe riding and enjoy.

Simon Heritage - Jul 05, 2009
Completed a days training with Bob yesterday. I would fully recommend this course for people like me who are starting out because it was the best day I have spent on a bike. The emphasis was on safety and this was evident throughout the day but what made it for me was being encouraged to push myself and the bike to try techniques I wouldn't have tried without the supervision and support of someone like Bob who explained everything clearly and backed it up with demonstration. I had a mental block about leaning but that was gone by the time we finished. By the end of the day I was riding more confidently and progressively than I would have in a month of Sundays riding on my own. An excellent course and many thanks Bob for your time and help. Simon Heritage

Andrew Watson - Jun 29, 2009
Mick, Just though i would let you know i went on a 200 mile ride on Sunday. By talking through the hazards and corners as shown I had a quicker and more enjoyable ride i was really able to put into practice the limit points etc.

Karan Beal - Jun 27, 2009
Mick, a big Thank You for all your excellent advice and tips following my BikeWise training course today, 270609. What a brill ride out, cornering much smoother and road awareness definitely improved. If anyone is thinking of attending a BikeWise training course my advice would be DO IT, you certainly come away from the day feeling 100% more confident. Thanks for your encouragement and comments re my riding Mick will certainly think about the advance course. Thanks BikeWise

Peter Roddam - Jun 24, 2009
Just a big thanks to Bob for an excellent days training even though it rained all day, gained some valuable experience in the wet!! passed my test in April this year this is a must for any new rider!! cheers Bob

Peter Harrison - Jun 22, 2009
Thanks Bob, Your enthusiasm is infectious as is your attitude to safety. A day well spent for any motorcyclist who believes there is always something else to learn. On the other hand if you simply fancy a great day out - Bikewise training - go for it.

Ray Convery - Jun 20, 2009
What a day, what a guy!Thanks Bob for an excellent days riding.You have certainly succeeded in making me a more confident and competent rider.I can't recommend BIKEWISE training highly enough.

Gareth Lambert - Jun 18, 2009
First of all I would to thank Bob for a brilliant day out.I loved every minute of it,even though it rained all day. I started the day as a novice in my eyes,having only passed my test in December.but thanks to Bob's excellent training I can now ride so much better,safer and its so much more enjoyable.Thanks for your time Bob and the coffees.Cheers again. Gareth

John Crammen - Jun 17, 2009
I would like to thank all those involved with BikeWise and to Bob for a brilliant day out. The training was first rate and has made me a better and more importantly a safer rider. I would recommend any biker to give it a go no matter your age or riding experience, not to miss this excellent training tool which will make a difference to your riding skill and safety. Many thanks Bob, PS. More work needs to be done about the weather. Cheers John.

Barry Millhouse - Jun 15, 2009
Went out with Bob on 15th June and although the weather turned to torrential rain I still felt completely safe and in control which was due to Bob's continual commentary and encouragement. I now feel confident that I can ride in any weather with a greater degree of control and composure, and although I have been riding on and off for 50years I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from the day. Every biker should do a BikeWise day. You're never too old to learn. Many thanks Bob.

Mark Rogers - Jun 13, 2009
I went out with Bob on 12th June. I have been riding just over 5 years and saw this as a chance to receive some extra training and to highlight any faults with my riding. After 140ish miles and some detailed theory i now feel a smoother, safer and confident rider, able to recognise hazards more quickly and react accordingly. Bob is a very knowledgeable guy and an excellent instructor. Authorities nationwide should adopt schemes like this to help reduce fatalities and incidents. Thanks once again to Bob and if you haven't booked up yet, get it done - you wont regret it.

Andrew Burn - Jun 11, 2009
Went out with Bob on 08.06.09, what a day!. I had just bought a new sports bike after a 14 year lay off and done approx 500 miles on my own but was generally concerned about my riding, positioning and cornering and I was a bit ropey. I went through this with Bob and some 140 miles later I was a different rider, I was telling my bike what to do with a new found confidence. A massive thank you to Bob for his boundless enthusiasm and sharing some of his knowledge with me. A great day would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Andrew

Brian Clements - Jun 03, 2009
Just spent one of the best days of 36years of m/cycling with Bob on a Bikewise Training day.The level of instruction coupled to a commentary while riding brings a new level of safety and enjoyment to m/cycling.Some of the great roads ridden totally under control with encouraging praise all add up to the enjoyment.Anyone who does not benefit from this is not listening properly.I have no doubt a day with Mick will be as great as this one.Shame its not compulsory.

Darren Wilkinson - May 29, 2009
A fantastic day's training. The explanations, the route, the commentary were all delivered in a very professional and enthusiastic way, which made it easy for me to get the most from the day. I particularly found my confidence improved when taking right hander's and when powering out,and clicked when using the limit point. A huge thank you to Bob, you are my official no: 1 hero!! CHEERS MATE. To anyone out there reading this and thinking about it - stop thinking and get booked NOW!

Anthony Surtees - May 25, 2009
Fantastic day Mick, for a novice rider I came away with much greater confidence and ability to corner and over take with safety, thanks to this days training I can now enjoy a day out on my bike without having to worry about coming into corners to quick, will be recommending this training programme to any biker, no mater what there experience.

Steve Evans - May 23, 2009
What a great day...Went out with Bob,what a great guy.Came away from the day a lot more confident and happier.

Ian Herbertson - May 21, 2009
Hi - cannot praise Mick enough for today's training. Fantastic day from start to finish,thank you for doing a tremendous job. Many thanks. Ian

Stuart Williamson - May 19, 2009
Just had a great day out with Bob Brown on the training course what a difference getting your road position and speed sorted before cornering makes to your overall riding.I will be putting into practice every thing I learned today into my everyday riding. can recommend this training course to anyone, no mater how long you have been riding. Thanks Stuart.

Peter Osborne - May 18, 2009
Hi all, what a day of training I have just had with Bob Brown. We met at Bowburn services, done paper work, then off we went. I was advanced trained and 'topping' up on training - well that's what I thought... Learnt totally loads. All training done at our own pace, never felt pushed or uneasy one bit whilst out. All verbal instruction was fantastic and done via intercom system while on the move, so kept you in the right position, gear, speed, we were paired up perfectly and most importantly kept "SAFE", so come on guys if you haven't done this training get your hand in your pocket £35 wow. 'cheap as chips'. We were out nearly 10 hours, works out at £3.50 hour and might just save our lives, well it will, no question about it. Thanks Bob for giving me your experience, I will use this every time I'm out on my bike because it works, the police rider system is truly awesome. I am still smiling from ear to ear. Look forward to seeing you soon, thanks once again it was totally fantastic. Peter.. :-)

Jeff Mavin - May 18, 2009
An excellent day. I have been riding 15yrs or so and today this course has taught me to be more observant and to get into the correct position to ride smooth and I believe safer. This training day was well worth it and I would advise/encourage all motorcyclists to take this training course. Long may it continue.

Tracy Mckie - May 12, 2009
It was a good days riding and thoroughly worth it.Learnt a lot & how to handle my weakness through bends and positioning on the road.Which is what I came for. I will be putting it into practice every time I'm out.Thanks Mick and good luck with your retirement!

Jayne Quinn - May 11, 2009
Had a great day with Mick, learnt loads and was 100% more confident at the end of the session.

Dave Walker - May 08, 2009
Cracking day out, great tuition from Mick, very helpful & friendly instructor, would recommend the course to anyone.

Simon Wotton - May 07, 2009
A really informative day, delivered in a friendly, relaxed manner. From initial contact, to finding a good pairing for me (in Carl..a natural it seems!) through to basic theory and on road tuition, I couldn't praise this scheme or the instructor, Mick, highly enough. I learnt lots and my riding came on in leaps and bounds. Everyone associated with putting this scheme together deserves praise. The best £35 I have ever spent..Thank you.

Keith Heslop - May 07, 2009
Very good day refreshed an awful lot of what I needed, by a very good instructor. Mick has the patience of a saint to put up with me. Thank you. Keith H.

Carl Boon - May 06, 2009
Excellent day out, worth anyone's £35.. picked some excellent tips up. Will be signing up again next year. Cheers Mick!!

Daniel Frost - Apr 30, 2009
Today was excellent. In the past I could ride, but not comfortably .When I was talked through that first corner and everything came together it was amazing and I felt such a buzz.The day was such a nice experience, you realize how much you don't know. By far the best training I've had, loved it, highly recommended. Danny

Michael Harker- Apr 29, 2009 - 13:07:37
I have recently done the training with Bob and found he was very passionate about the bikes and the safety of the people riding them. The amount of information about awareness during the running commentary was unbelievably comprehensive and clear. I achieved everything that i went out for and more and feel much more confident on the bike. A thoroughly enjoyable day out and I will be recommending it to other bikers.

Robert Taylor - Apr 27, 2009
I completed the training on 25th April. The day was a very relaxed and informal training day. We'd get occasional briefings from Mick and then hit the roads for 45mins or so at a time to put it into practice. Mick chirping in with encouragement or pointers over the radio as we road. I'm already training for my IAM test and had come across the Roadcraft system before but the day was still very much worth it. We spent a lot of the day working on our cornering, which was my prime goal for the day. By the end of the day I'd felt I'd come on leaps and bounds. I was also well matched with my fellow rider Ed, who had similar levels of experience and we were both well matched for pace and ability on the day, although Ed seemed more of a natural rider. All in all a good day, made so much better by Mick's friendly and open approach to helping us on the day. I'll be recommending this course... nice one

Dave Summers - Apr 26, 2009
Me and my mate Phil were well pleased. Absolutely cracking day all my objectives were met the level of instruction is second to none I would highly recommend bikewise training to any rider regardless of riding experience hope to send you some of the lads at work very shortly. cheers Mick thanks for the comments at the end of the day

Kevin Critchlow - Apr 23, 2009
Completed training course yesterday 22/04/09, an absolutely brill day. All day Bob filled my head with copious amounts of information and when Bob gets started well, if you've been out with him you know exactly what I'm talking about the information just flows and flows and as the day goes on, yes it all make sense and then you start to GET IT and put it in to practice, the eureka moment follows and as you go smoothly from bend to bend and then into a overtake you then feel the cheeks on your face rise,which reveals a very big smile. My big problem was overtaking now I know what to do and when, whether to go or when to back off. I now have a lot more confidence but understand my capabilities. I'm now looking a bit silly with this 24 hour grin. Thanks Bob for a fantastic day. Cheers BikeWise.

Neil Rodgers - Apr 22, 2009
I am overwhelmed by how good the training course was! I can't believe how good Bob's instruction helped me to improve my riding skills. by the end of the day I gained so much confidence in my abilities to ride smoothly and progressively and enjoy it so much more than I did before. it's gonna take a while to get the smile off my face. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anybody who is in two minds whether to do this course all I can say is "DO IT" you won't regret it I guarantee! Bob's constant instruction and expert advice is worth it's weight in gold, my only regret is not doing this course sooner. I can't wait to get back out on the bike and put all the teaching into practice and enjoy riding my bike safe in the knowledge that I'm riding safer smother & faster which leaves me grinning like a Cheshire Cat. thanks Bob and thank you Bikewise. What a Day!

Glenn Humphries - Apr 21, 2009
Just back from my bikewise training day with Bob Brown. I am a new rider with very little experience as only passed my bike-test NOV 2008. I was recommended the course by a friend, and would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone regardless of there level of experience. Bob has an amazing amount of knowledge and I think it is a talent in itself the way he relays it to you, and makes it easy to understand. I have learnt so much today and look forward to putting it all into practise. I feel much safer and a lot more confident. Thanks Bob for a fantastic day!

Andy Harmeston - Apr 11, 2009
Thanks for a great day Bob, I covered everything I expected and more! Already recommended the course to all I ride with. A superb day on superb roads with A+ coaching. I definitely feel a lot safer having spent a day with you.

Shaun Elliott - Apr 09, 2009
Thank you Mick for a brilliant and informative day. You have helped me become a safer and more confident rider. I would recommend the BikeWise course to anyone. Thanks again Mick for being a brilliant instructor!

Ashley More - Apr 07, 2009
I had my training day with Bob yesterday and had a great day! There was a lot of information given throughout the day which was well explained and demonstrated and clicked into place when put into practise on the bikes. I feel a lot happier and confident on the bike having done the days course and think it was well worth the money and time. The day was tiring as you were concentrating all the time and gaining information all the time but there were plenty stops and Bob took the lead on occasions so that you could follow his line and he explained what he was doing and why. I didn't feel pressurised or vulnerable at any point through the day and I was never forced into doing anything at a speed I wasn't happy with. I think anyone who rides should do a course like this and it saddens me to think that people pass their test and think that they are great riders and don't need to learn anymore. Once you have been on the course even half a day and you watch other riders going up Alston and other roads and you see how unsafe they are.Nobody ever knows everything and can always learn new skills and techniques to make them safer. I am looking forward to putting my new skills and confidence into practise and develop these further. I am glad to have done this course as I feel less apprehensive about going out and know how I can make myself safer. Ash

Glen Shah - Apr 06, 2009
I had my BikeWise training on Saturday and I have to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Bob for a fantastic day. I learnt so much during the course of the day and I now feel much more confident riding out on the roads, knowing that I have the knowledge of how to ride more safely. The BikeWise training is a great initiative and I strongly recommend it to anyone who rides. The theory that was taught at the beginning of the day was then applied out on the roads throughout the rest of the day. The content of the course was tailored to meet my individual needs and the tuition was always given through friendly encouragement and positive reinforcement. Thanks again, Bob. Glen.

Naomi Winn - Apr 05, 2009
Thank you for an excellent day. I learnt many new things about riding, particularly road positioning and safer cornering on country roads. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to learn how to ride more proficiently and an approach to more advanced riding beyond passing the test. Thanks again, Bob, for a great day. Naomi

Dale Richardson - Apr 04, 2009
I have just spent the other day with Bob and completed my BikeWise Training. I must firstly say a big thank you to Bob for everything I gained and learned from the day I spent with him. Although I was a relatively new rider to the scene with only a few thousand miles under my belt. Like Brian, I learned 10 times more in one day spent with Bob, than I have in the last 8 months of riding. This course is a must for anyone regardless of experience! The experience, knowledge and guidance that comes with Bob is worth 10 times more than the excellent value for money at which a day costs with him! He really opened my eyes to a hundred different dangers that lie in wait for us bikers, changed my whole way of approaching and exiting corners (for the Better) and has as a result made my riding experience become more fun, YET MORE SAFER at the same time. Thanks Bob for a really great day. Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon

Robert Bell - Apr 03, 2009
Very good training ,well worth it 'gave me loads of confidence. Shame weather was bad and intercoms were not to good due to the high winds on the day, but this gave me great experience,also my partner felt a lot safer with the extra training that we were given.Many thanks Mick

Brian Weatherall - Apr 01, 2009
I had my BikeWise Training today and it was fantastic. It was great fun and I think I learnt 10 times more today than I have in the entire time since my test 12 months ago. Bob’s guidance and advice was easy to follow and I’ve no doubt it will make riding safer and more fun from now on. I’ve also no doubt this day will save me from injury or worse at some time in the future. Bikers need to enjoy the roads safely, we need to know when we can and can’t trust other road users. I’d recommend this day to anyone regardless of experience., many thanks Bob, see you at the Egg Run.

Keith Flook - Mar 28, 2009
Just spent the day doing a Bikewise course with Mick. He is a great instructor and has the ability to get things to sink in even with the likes of me and hopefully my riding will improve because of it. I would recommend the course to anyone, even though it is supposed to be aimed at new riders or those coming back to biking everyone could benefit from it. I wanted to find out, after just over a year post DAS, if I was safe and learn how to ride smoother and safer.

Robin Keenlyside - Nov 27, 2008
What an excellent day! Great company, great roads and learning something that may save your life! It will improve your riding ability and skills and give you far more confidence. Essential training for every motorcyclist! Thank you Mick!

Mr Paul Lumley - Nov 23, 2008
Hi everybody, A brief outline on my circumstances; I gave up motorcycling after a bad accident twenty five years previously, although the motorcycle went in the skip it took several months for myself to recover from the beating I gave myself even though no broken bones or ruptured organs. A full set of waxed Belstaff waterproofs, leathers and tore the soles from both boots. The fact that at eighteen I was hyper fit and young was probably the reason I survived the impact and deceleration forces. I have always hankered for another motorcycle but never brave enough to indulge. Having to commute to Newcastle regularly, a hundred mile round trip which by car and public transport was taking four and half hours, on my KTM takes one hour five minutes and no parking charges, if I drove in it would still take two hours as it took as long to negotiate the Newcastle traffic as it did to drive to the city limits, plus extortionate parking charges. Having decided to return to the motorcycling fold I researched training months before the acquisition of a motorcycle, to say I was very apprehensive would be an understatement. Wednesday 19th November 2008 was my training day with Mr Bob ‘The Oracle’ Brown; the knowledge, information application, wisdom, application of teaching ability all in a concise and professional flowing delivery throughout the day’s one-on-one tuition can only be said to be outstanding. The use of intercom and visual media is an excellent idea and the running commentary from ‘The Oracle’ to signs, hazards, hazard awareness, bike positioning for standard highway riding and overtaking, vehicles in front, behind and agriculture/construction vehicles, on and off the highway, an interesting one of how to make your motorcycle appear larger than it actually is; your immediate close environment IE: leaf fall, diesel and debris on the carriageway. A lengthy theory session before you start in the morning at the Bowburn Service Area and frequent stops throughout the day and a supper little cafĂ© for lunch. Training IS the answer to reduce making mistakes as minor mistakes you may get away with major one’s will mean you hit something or run out of tarmac and then hit something. The cost of the training is less than half your insurance excess should you make a claim, which means you can save money by paying for training before an incident and not after the fact. I will be eternally grateful to Mr Brown as his calming pleasant manor and the wisdom behind his years means I will never forget that day. Mr P. Lumley KTM LC4 Prestige

Neil Hamilton - Nov 21, 2008
Well done Mick! Great roads and great company. We have some of the best roads in the country up here that you and Bob are using to improve rider skills. Conclusion, good riders are always learning. Many thanks

Andrew Coverdale - Nov 13, 2008
A great days training with Bob. The day was well structured and fairly intensive, with a lot of riding on great roads (in fantastic sunny weather). Bob has huge enthusiasm for biking, and he does a great job of getting over the safety aspects but not at the expense of enjoying the ride. This is such a great course and I’d recommend it to anyone. It really shows up the limitations of the standard motorcycle test.

Torben Stockmarr - Nov 05, 2008
I had a really excellent day with Bob, we did a long hard day in difficult conditions, it was very cold and the roads were very wet and I really learned so much. Bob was excellent as an instructor and gave me so much encouragement and confidence and would highly recommend this course to any biker.

David Tempest - Nov 05, 2008
Great Day! Recommend to any one who rides a bike no matter how much experience you think you have. There is something you will learn from this. Left the day with a lot more confidence and went through all the weather including snow, on my my CBR! Only downside was my bike got dirty!! Nice to see Durham County Council using some initiative in providing this scheme - keep it up!!! Thanks for the coffee's and most of all - the advice. Cheers Bob

Janet Thompson - Oct 14, 2008
Wow! Best £25 I ever spent! The day spent with Bob was amazing. I learnt so much in 1 day and in every sort of weather (except snow). My husband said the difference was really dramatic. Road position, information gathering & giving have all combined to make me a far better, confident & SAFE rider (& driver). This should be compulsory training for all bike riders, whatever their age & experience. Please support Bike Wise & tell everyone you know about it. p.s. Bob the chocolate cake was brill, we'll be visiting that cafe again!

Bob Peters - Oct 05, 2008
Great day out. Bob is a fantastic instructor who's knowledge and enthusiasm is second to none. He showed me a smoother ,safer way to ride. Thank you Bob

Andrew Bradford - Oct 03, 2008
This was wonderful day and fabulous experience. Thanks ever so much Bob for your guidance and patience. The course is very practical and experiential. Not only is it one of the best ways to have fun and stay safe on a bike, but a lesson in living. I learned to be much more attentive and take more control of my environment each moment. It's a sort of a philosophy in its own right, a great learning experience and a fun packed day out. I was lucky to have ‘one to one’ tuition which really reinforced the important points. I was able to relax and enjoy the day but I felt I was always being pushed towards riding to a higher standard and to the edge of my ability. Both Mick and Bob are extremely professional and highly enthusiastic. If you do this course you’ll walk away a safer rider and a wiser person.

Geoff Kirby - Oct 03, 2008
At the start of the day I was a slightly nervous rider. All the gear no idea you might say. My riding,confidence and above all safety are 100% better after my day out with Bob and Mick Jackson(below). Thanks again Bob for a fantastic day. IT WAS MINT! (as my kids would say)

Mick Jackson - Sep 30, 2008
So you think you are good rider? Think again.... Training doesn't get much better than this. You can't fail to learn something new. I can't believe how road position can make such a difference to your confidence. Thanks for a great day Bob, me lugs are still ringing from your commentary :-).

Robin Tunstall - Sep 22, 2008
Bob. Exactly what I needed. Weather was dreadful but the day was excellent. I now have the confidence I was lacking in wet weather riding. Road positioning makes so much difference to the fun of riding

Neil Baynham - Sep 22, 2008
What a great idea! Get a Biker with years of experience and endless enthusiasm. Give him a Bike and a pocket full of petrol vouchers. Then pay him to pass on his skills. Don’t know who thought of it but thank you that person. Despite the weather I had a great day out and hopefully will do justice to the top training given. I would recommend it to anyone regardless of experience. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks Mick. Good advice, well explained and easy for an old fart to understand.

Barbara Blackledge - Sep 19, 2008
Bob, Thank you for a superb ride out on Tuesday 16th September. The training was very informative, explained in a manner easy to understand and was imparted with such enthusiasm that the whole day, although wet, was FUN! It can be so easy to stay within our own comfort zones and have no progression and training after passing the bike test. I will certainly encourage other motorcyclists to consider Bikewise training. Moving on from my day with you, I think both myself and Bill are going to pay a visit to the Durham Advanced Motorcyclists! Thanks again for an excellent day - I really gained confidence and appreciated your help in looking for level bits of lay-bys for my short legs!

Angela Templeman - Sep 17, 2008
As a biker of 1 year, I still lacked confidence on the roads, especially on bends. I had a great day out (in the wet) with Bob and he had me riding my bike well beyond my own expectations. A brilliant day and I'm looking forward to a safe and more able biking future. Would recommend BikeWise Training to anybody who is serious about improving their riding skills.

Paul Elliott - Sep 17, 2008
What a great day. I couldn't believe the amount I learnt. Bobs knowledge and enthusiasm is contagious! Came away from the day a completely different rider and no doubt a safer one. Thanks Bob had a fantastic day.

Jack Stewart - Sep 16, 2008
Had a really enjoyable day out. The commitment and enthusiasm of Bob is very encouraging and gives the rider the confidence to ride to their best potential. Lots of information and guidance on reading the road conditions and making progress safely.The course will give a lot of riders a great introduction to advanced riding. Therefore,I would recommend the training to all.

Jo Phoenix - Sep 08, 2008
Fantastic learning experience. I've been on a bike for nearly twenty years and yet I learned more in the day with Bob than I've picked up in the twenty years of riding experience. (The torrential down pour of rain only added to the joy of the day!)

Craig Mitchell - Sep 03, 2008
I did the Bikewise training with Andrew (see comment below). Our instructor, Bob Brown made this a great day out. Theory is well explained and the riding itself was great fun, more like a ride out with your mates than a training day. Without a doubt, the best £25 I've spent this year!

Andrew Punshon - Sep 03, 2008
Like many others I had a great day out on my Bikewise training and learnt a great deal. For anyone wishing to be a safer better rider whilst enjoying their Bike more the course is a must catering for all levels of experience.

Stephen Pino- Aug 28, 2008
I had a great day out on my bikewise training as it's very informal and relaxed it was like a ride out with friends, only you get excellent tips as you ride. This is a must for new & more experienced experienced riders alike and will help you be a much better,smooth rider as it has done for me. Thanks Mike.

Gavin Heckles - Aug 27, 2008
Very worthwhile, and something I would I say is a must for newly qualified riders such as myself. It is a real eye opener seeing where the dangers lie. Well beyond the entry level training delivered to get me through my licence. I feel safer and more confident at the same time. Thanks Bob

Chris Vine - Aug 26, 2008
This has been the most worth while training day I have ever been on. It was relaxed and all instruction was put in plain and simple terms. I cant thank Bob enough for the confidence and knowledge I have gained from just one day of training. I recommend everyone to do this course. Once again Bob thanks very much

Lee Elliott - Aug 26, 2008
Just a quick note to thank Bob for his patience and superb manner with Chris and I today. I am a much better rider now with tons more confidence from just one days training. Much appreciated. Lee

Joy Raine - Aug 24, 2008
Had a fantastic day out with Mick Alder today. I now have more confidence in my riding ability and have learned to use my gears and read the road conditions to stay safe. I would recommend this course to anyone on two wheels. Being safe and having lots of fun sums up bikewise training!

Craig Dallison - Aug 24, 2008
Had a great day out and learned a lot. The techniques learnt are simple to understand and massively improved my riding. Bob is a great instructor and I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Neal Smith - Aug 24, 2008
What a great experience, best day out on a bike in a long time. Not only was it a fun day but learned lots & came away with much smoother riding skills. Felt safe all day & feel safer on the bike for the future & I’m not a novice been riding a long time. Just shows you can teach an old dog! Bob was a great instructor his endless knowledge & enthusiasm for all things Bike are obvious to see. Cheers Bob would recommend this course to all riders.

Martin Smith - Aug 23, 2008
Great course! Had a really good day. Learnt loads and boosted my riding skills and confidence no end. I feel safer on the road already. Cheers Mick....

Mark Chrostowski - Aug 23, 2008
Had an excellent day ,the things I learned were priceless best money I have spent ,Mick was great crack. Recommend it to anyone cheers

Malcolm Cutter - Aug 22, 2008
Had a really good day out with Bob. Always something new to learn and Bob gets the message across very well. Never knew someone could talk continuously, point things out and ride a motor cycle quickly all at the same time. I would really recommend a day out with Bob to every rider because you will definitely have your eyes opened

Graeme Robertson - Aug 21, 2008
Had a great day out, only been passed my test around 6 weeks, learned loads. I now feel loads more confident on the twisty roads now. Thanks for a great day Bob. Highly recommended to anyone new to biking.

Steve Calvert - Aug 21, 2008
Even though it absolutely lashed down I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the whole experience. I think bob is an excellent instructor a fantastic rider and a great person. I learnt a lot from that day and am looking forward to getting out on the bike again.

Janette Taylor - Aug 20, 2008
had a great day, learned a lot . mike was great all day would advise everyone to do the course.

Phil Brown - Aug 19, 2008
After a year of passing my test and riding a big bike i thought i was doing pretty well and wanted to test myself and my skills and develop my riding further. Within the first hour of this course i realised a number of things that i would usually do were wrong and began to look at my whole approach to riding from a completely new perspective. By the time the day was over, i was able to ride quicker, smoother and much more confidently than before, and am looking forward to getting back on the bike again to practice what i have learnt. I would recommend this course to any beginner and is probably the best money i have spent on my bike to date...I will definitely be progressing on to further advanced training in the near future. Thanks for a great (drenched) day out Bob! PS. If it's raining, DON'T go out in just your leathers!!!

Mike Boddy - Aug 15, 2008
I took my bike test just over a year ago, eventually passed and that meant I could legally ride a bike of any size, scary! The thing is, training for a bike test, excellent though it was, is geared towards training you to pass the test and does not teach you to ride a bike. When I joined the Bike Wise training day I had a license but had spent very little time on a bike. I truly believe that the day spent with Bike Wise was worth a years biking experience, the difference being that gaining a years experience by riding alone could quite easily have got me into bad habits and consequently bad trouble. However after my days training I know I was more observant, quicker and safer. I rode home a lot happier and more confident on the bike than I had ridden to the training that morning. I will get my year’s experience, and more, but now I will do so having a very sound knowledge of the basics of good riding practices to build upon. Many thanks to Bob and Tug. (Tug?, you will meet him when you do the training and he’s about to become your lifelong riding buddy) Would I recommend the training? What do you think! Mike Boddy

Alan Elliott - Aug 10, 2008
Fantastic day defiantly recommended one days training and i am a much smoother and relaxed rider with 200% more hazard awareness.Thanks mike. Well done Durham council, instigating change through education rather than the big stick How about getting rid of the pollution creating humps and chicanes all over our roads next

Bob Kentridge - Aug 08, 2008
A fantastic days ride! There were a few things I was uncertain about which Bob explained really clearly and then demonstrated on the ride. He really understands why people like me ride bikes (for fun!) and gets across so much about how to be confident and safe riding with all of the real-life issues on the road (caravans, buses, rain, diesel, tightening bends, overgrown hedges and more) and still have fun. I didn't just learn lots of useful things but also rode some great roads that I'll certainly be back on. If you haven't done the Bikewise course yet get signed up!

Richy Deans - Aug 05, 2008
Had a great day out yesterday on my 1-to-1 instruction day! Started at Bowburn services and took in 180odd miles round the dales on a day that started a bit moist but dried quickly to turn into a proper summer effort . I'd asked specifically for help with positioning, forward planning and corner entry and that's exactly what i got! Instructor Bob Brown gave a running commentary throughout the day whilst giving hand signals to point out various observations on the sections he led which was most impressive and acted, i thought, like a third eye with commentary and directions whilst following. If you're already considering getting booked up i would strongly recommend going for the 1-to-1 option as it was certainly easier for me to concentrate without a third bike in the group and the extra headset chatter. One happy, aching biker :)

Adrian Johnstone - Aug 03, 2008
A very worthwhile day out, even for riders who have had years of experience in the past, and then come back to biking. Bob is passionate and enthusiastic about bikes, and about our safety. We learnt how to concentrate on the road up ahead watching for danger, and the best way to approach a bend in the road, and then to accelerate out of it. The best thing for me was learning to achieve the correct road position at all times for maximum visibility and to be seen by others. It felt safe even when riding fast over the fell tops on wet roads/ corners. Thank you to Bob Brown, he's a top man! All the best, Adrian.

Bill Blackledge - Aug 02, 2008
An educational, entertaining and fun day with Bob Brown. A must for any new rider, the training was presented with enthusiasm by an instructor who is passionate about both biking and safety. I learned a great deal but also had the opportunity to look again what I thought I knew (from 30 years of car driving). I know my riding will get better thanks to Bob's advice and direction and recommend BikeWise training wholeheartedly.

Paul Chatt - Jul 30, 2008
Had a excellent days training with Bob Brown. Bobs first class tuition has improved my riding,confidence and safety.I would recommend Bikewise training to anyone who wants to greatly improve their riding.Well done Durham Police and DCC for supporting such a brilliant scheme and thanks again Bob for a great day

Graham Naylor- Jul 30, 2008
A truly great BikeWise Training day out with Bob Brown. His enthusiasm for good safe biking was inspiring, as was his delivery of the course. I felt as though I had been lifted up by the bootstraps and pointed in the right direction. I can not praise the bikewise initiative highly enough, long may it continue.

Jason Jayne - Jul 29, 2008
I really enjoyed the day out with Bob, I got a lot out of the day. It has helped me with my confidence. I will certainly be recommending the course to anyone who currently rides and also to anyone new to world of motorbikes! Full marks for a great day out, I definitely learnt a lot.

Heather Prestwich - Jul 29, 2008
Had a great day out with Bob. What fantastic value, great tuition and a real confidence boost. Feel like I've got my slow control nerve back again after VFR traumas and downhill corners are now a cinch. There's no stopping me now I know about roads 'running away'. Don't hesitate - sign up for a session, you won't regret it.

Andrew Irwin - Jul 24, 2008
FS1E, RD250, 400/4 20year gap then a VFR800!! Where did all the cars come from? Boy this is fast compared to those old bikes!! Looks like I need some training. I met Bob at 9:30am and proceeded to have one of the best days I have had for a long time. I started the day sitting on the bike and ended the day being at one with it. My observation skills improved immeasurably throughout the day as did my pace and cornering ability. Bobs infectious enthusiasm, attention to detail and depth of knowledge helped enormously. I now feel I have a great platform to build on. Some 3 hours later I can still hear him talking in my ear....I hope it wears off soon!! Thanks Bob I had a great day......Andy

John McDonnell - Jul 19, 2008
Falling in love with a gorgeous VFR750 attracted me back to biking after a 20 year break, an expensive and painful come off convinced me that I needed help before I became a statistic. I spent the day with Mike a few weeks ago, the experience went way beyond my expectations. Putting aside the fact that it was a fantastic day out, Mike's coaching via the intercom and by example was invaluable. My riding visibly improved as the day went on. Three weeks later, using the tools Mike gave me, my riding is getting smoother, safer and more progressive (boring it isn't but no more iffy moments when meeting the unexpected). Thanks Mike for your enthusiasm and your experience. You are undoubtedly saving lives. To the rest of you out there - do yourself a favour, contact the Bike Wise team and book now!

Steve Buxton - Jul 17, 2008
Just posted my comments on the slide show ( idiot!) Full agreement with all the comments made by my riding partner and brother-in-law, Mike Phillips. We enjoyed a cracking day with Bob, he certainly instils confidence in you right from the start and shows you how far you can go on a bike without pushing the safety barriers. In my humble opinion, this should be a compulsory course after taking your test cos you're really left to your own devices. Having said that, it did nothing for my sense of direction. I left Bowburn Services at 6(ish) pm, got onto the A1 happily on my way home to Consett and didn't realise I was southbound until I got to the Darlington exit!!!!. Not your fault Bob.... Thanks again, your enthusiasm is addictive. Steve

Michael Phillips - Jul 16, 2008
What a fantastic day! 9.30am, very warm welcome from Bob. 10am, I quickly demonstrated to Bob my 'just passed' technique by positioning myself randomly in the road, counting drains in both gutters and generally being pretty crap. Within 1 hr Bobs invaluable advice and corner by corner guidance had changed the way I rode. By the afternoon I felt like I was riding in complete control, safely and making excellent progress. YOU MUST must take this course if you are serious about ever being a good rider. An absolute bargain at £25 and Bob even bought the coffees! If I'd hung about a bit longer ! reckon I could have come away in credit! Seriously though, thanks Bob. Keep up the good work and hope to bump into you soon.

Tom Richardson - Jul 10, 2008
Had a great day with Mick and my riding partner Simon and even though we were at different levels of experience ( me recently past my test and Simon " born again" ) I feel I came out of this a better rider with loads more confidence . If you are thinking about doing this don't hesitate do it now you won't regret it

Simon Hunt - Jul 10, 2008
A big thanks to Mick Alder for a great day out yesterday. I'm returning to the biking fold after 12-13 years away making babies and was bought a days training for my 48th birthday by my brother - thanks Dom. I found it a very useful refresher and was reassured by Mick that I did ok. I was a bit of a tearaway in my youth but now, for obvious reasons, I ride more defensively with the 'system' in mind but had just as much fun! Thanks again Mick! Simon.

Andy Taylor- Jul 03, 2008
All I can say is WOW!, what a brilliant day. After returning to biking from a 17 year break and having recently bought a Suzuki 600 I was feeling a little apprehensive about riding again. Under the expert coaching and constant commentary from Bob after only a few hours I was beginning to notice an immediate impact on my riding, there was loads of helpful hints and tips throughout the day, but the main ones I learned were, road positioning , correct cornering and for me, the most important one, actually looking way into the distance past the traffic in front of you scanning the road ahead for potential hazards. I think this type of training should be compulsory for all motorcyclists as it covers essential information regarding safe biking. Thank you bob for a really enjoyable day !

Mel Leitch - Jul 03, 2008
Just returned from what must be the best day out I have had on the bike. Superb weather and stunning countryside plus expert tuition from Bob. Although I have done advanced riding before, I signed up to bikewise for further training as I knew I had more to learn. The day started with a general chat and a discussion about what I wanted out of the day. I knew I needed to work on observation, positioning and overtakes. This set the theme for the day and off we went. With Bob's excellent instruction and running commentary I was able to see where I was going wrong...... Not reading the road as well as I could have been and not holding position on the twisties. Now I have made a huge amount of progress and my ride is much safer, smoother and more joined up. The difference is amazing. I would happily recommend this training. Thanks Bob.

Keith Heslop - Jul 01, 2008
I had the best day I've had in a very long time. Learned more than I ever thought I would. Bob in my opinion has forgotten more than most instructors have ever known. An exciting and educational day led by the best

Peter Boughton - Jun 30, 2008
Just got in from a brilliant day's riding with Bob Brown, on the BikeWise scheme. Most definitely the best £25 investment I've ever made - I've learnt so much; I passed my test when I was 17 in 1976 - what a joke! 4 times round the block followed by a very gentle emergency stop!! I now feel that Bob has given me the tools to continually learn each time I got out for a ride, get more out of my bike and cover ground more quickly and vitally, more safely. Thanks again Bob, and well done to Durham Police and Durham Council for having the foresight for such a great scheme. Next stop IAM!!

Kate Boyle - Jun 30, 2008
Had such a great day yesterday on BikeWise training. Had my eyes opened to how I 'should' have been riding. I feel that I learned a huge amount and that my riding is so much safer. Mick made me feel at ease and kept myself and Jillian (my riding partner) in our own comfort zones while we learned. Really enjoyed the off-bike conversations and bacon butty too. Felt really inspired by the day. Would thoroughly recommend the course, so if you're hesitating, don't! Just do it. You'll be glad you did.

Kenneth Green - Jun 25, 2008
Had a great day out with Bob, he improved my riding ability generally over the day, with his emphasis on observation and road position, and my cornering skills and low speed control in particular are much improved. I'm now enjoying my riding more, as I feel much more confident and in control. Many thanks, Bob, and also to all the bodies which have sponsored the training. Only £25 for a full day's training. Book it now.

Paul Casson - Jun 23, 2008
An excellent days riding with Mick alder whose knowledge & friendly tuition has certainly taught me to be more aware of my surroundings & bike handling most enjoyable thanks

Rich Brown - Jun 20, 2008
Great fun, great roads and great value. I had a fantastic day out with Bob who was hugely knowledgeable and explained the techniques to safe, positive riding very well. The improvement in my riding was staggering and almost instantaneous. The course is geared around novices and those returning to the road after a break; but I would recommend a day out with Bob for ANYONE who enjoys motorcycling and wants to ride safely. A big thank you to Bob, DCC and the emergency services for funding it!

Margaret Graver - Jun 16, 2008
I thoroughly enjoyed my day at the Bikewise training. I feel as though i learned a lot & hopefully have improved in my riding. Thanks to Bob for the very clear instruction. I would recommend this course to anyone regardless of riding experience.

John Atkinson - Jun 11, 2008
BikeWise training is a fantastic day out. Trainer, Bob Brown is very friendly from start to finish. Excellent information from Bob at all time's on and off the bike. I would recommend the BikeWise scheme to anyone , it has RAISED MY STANDARDS. It will RAISE yours too.

Steve - Jun 11, 2008
After a days training with Bob, I felt a safer and more aware rider. 8 hours of training = years of safe biking. DO IT, YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FAMILY

Pat McKone- Jun 05, 2008
I thoroughly enjoyed the day with Bob and learned lot. The day was well-paced with lots of feedback and advice.I feel it has improved my riding skills and I really feel as if I'm becoming a better rider.

Laura Gemmill - Jun 01, 2008
What a fantastic day! A huge thanks to Bob who took me out for the training. I would recommend this day to ANYONE who’s got a bike, no matter what standard you’re at. I was already a confident rider, but just wanted to touch up on some wee niggles about cornering in the wet. After the day I felt fully confident on all areas and think my riding has definitely improved. After seeing Bob’s standard of riding you become aware of how good and safe you can be. No matter how good you think you are there’s always room for improvement! The day was informative, good practice, and above all, fun. As a ‘wanna be’ motorcycle cop myself….what an inspiration!

Dave Mitchell - May 30, 2008
I do recommend Bike Wise to anyone. Whatever your standard of riding, a day with BikeWise Training will see you get better and safer. I have no doubt that this course WILL save someone's life or prevent serious injury, we as motorcyclists often think we know better than other drivers out there, you need to do this course to see for yourself. A big thank you to Bob Brown for his coaching and well done to Durham County Council for supporting such a scheme. A great day out and looking forward to joining IAM.

Damian Groark- May 30, 2008
Had a fantastic days BikeWise Training. A great day with people who are passionate about motorbikes and motorcycling. This is for everyone. Skill level improved, amazing ability to see hazards and real excitement. Smoother and faster than ever not for the faint hearted. Do it or regret it.

Des Hunt - May 29, 2008
Just to say thank you Bob for an excellent day out on the BikeWise training day. I was looking to gain more confidence in riding after passing my test in the last year. The day has definitely raised my awareness and my ability to read the road. Anyone looking too raise their own standard of riding should consider giving it ago. Kind regards Des

Alfie Boldon - May 28, 2008
I did a days advanced training with Bob Brown. I really enjoyed the day and felt I gained quite a bit by going on the course. I can recommend the course and the instructor to anyone interested in becoming a safer/better rider.

Lesley OBrien - May 23, 2008
Since the age of 16 I have been riding bikes, mostly in towns, dual carriage ways and motorways. I passed my test in the days when the examiner ran around the block popping out from hedges every now and again! After a very long break from motorcycling I returned (probably a mid life crisis) but I love riding my bike. Whilst at ladies night at the police headquarters with Ali we were given a flyer about Bikewise Training, so I booked up, since I have never actually been taught how to ride properly and the test I took back in the stone ages was a bit of a joke really. What a fantastic day it was, very professional, Bob was the trainer and full instruction was given throughout the day with intercoms and video footage to see where you were going wrong. If there is something that scares you about your bike (don't tell the instructors) I told Bob I didn't like going down steep hills especially ones with tight bends, so that is what we did, I am pleased we did though because I have full control now. I used to try and avoid country lanes, but now I enjoy them, in fact I find motorways boring now. I can fully recommend this course to everyone who has a bike it is really worth doing, extremely informative. Thank you very much Bob, the only thing that spoilt my day was freezing cold hands, numb to my knuckles, just waiting for my heated grips to be fitted and I shall never be off my bike. Lesley.

Paul Graver  - May 19, 2008 - 10:20:09
I attended a training day with Mick on Sunday & found it to be informative,constructive & extremely helpful. During the day we had differing road conditions,wet & windy then dry & sunny,which,in reality turned out to be very useful as we had to then ride to the changing road surface conditions. From time to time Mick would have me stop & then give me a short briefing on hazard perception & of the correct lines to be taken to use the "full" road for optimum safe riding & to make good progress. All of the time Mick kept in touch via an ear-piece giving me instruction. At the end of the day Mick showed me a short video play-back of our ride out,showing me exactly where i was positioned on the road. All in all, it was ,& is , a very professionally run course that is well worth attending,& you never know,it could just save your life. Many thanks Mick. Paul Graver.

Eric Carter - May 15, 2008
Well what can I say, I have just been out with Bob on a days training,. Both myself and Alfie were looking to get some “real world” experience from the day on how to be smoother on the road and also take advantage of Bobs experience of the roads around the region. I can tell you I have been back in the house a couple of hours and I am still buzzing. We started with an introduction and some of the basics that Bob uses during the day, he introduced us to the TUG methodology (Take, Use and Give). We had maybe half an hours briefing and then out onto the open road we went. Bob watched us both ride and then gave some really good advice. He has the ability to record the sessions so you can watch how you progress as the day continues. I have been riding for nearly four years and had some issues with my corner control and the general fluidity of my riding. Bob gave advice during the day that helped me position my bike on the road correctly and then gave feedback via the radio headset I have to say I have never enjoyed a day out on my bike so much, it’s been a long day and I feel exhausted but it’s been absolutely great. I will continue to put into good practice all that Bob has given me into the rest of my riding. My expectations have been met and actually far exceeded. Bobs a lovely guy who makes you feel as though you have known him for years, he articulates his instructions in a real no nonsense way. I bought a pair of new boots a month ago and whilst these boots look great and are very comfortable they have done nothing for my road riding skills. I would whole heartedly endorse the Bikewise training scheme and would advise anyone to take up the offer of a days riding with Bob and the team. I am for sure going to look seriously at the IAM and bikewise training in the future.  Cheers Bob thanks for a great day and I will keep an eye out for you and Alfie on the road Thanks again

Peter Finnigan - May 12, 2008
I have just had a day's one to one (1 : 1) training with BikeWise Training. The whole process, from initial enquiry to making payment, was friendly and professional. The day itself turned out to be the most informative eight hours that I have spent in the saddle. My trainer, Bob Brown, was hugely knowledgeable and excellent company. By the end of the day there was a significant improvement in my ability. But more than that, I came away with a "tool kit" that I know will stand me in good stead for the future. I would recommend Bike Wise to anyone. Whatever your standard of riding, a day with BikeWise Training will see you get better. A big Thank You ... Peter Finnigan

Jonathan Knowles - May 07, 2008
Had a brilliant day out with Bob, informal and fun but also very instructive. I feel my riding has improved a great deal and that I am smoother and more confident.

Gavin Armstrong - May 06, 2008
Had a great day out on Saturday(3/05/08)With Mick. Showed me how to control my bike with more confidence and make progress quickly and safely. Explained reasons for holding lower gears e.g. responsiveness of engine, and the increased braking effect,also reducing wallowing into bends/ corners etc.Explained vanishing point.Their was plenty of time on the bike riding through wonderful scenery and also stops to discuss riding and improvements to my riding style.Thanks for a great day that was informal informative and fun. Regards Gavin

Roy Collins Motorcycle Security - May 02, 2008
Good Luck for the future with this excellent scheme.

David Knowles - May 01, 2008
The training day was brilliant. Bob highlighted areas in my riding that needed improving since passing my test 6 years ago & showed me how I could progress. The leap forward was massive, very impressive for just one days riding. It was informal, helpful but above all, a great fun day.

Simon Foggin - Apr 24, 2008
After riding for about a 1 and a half years I felt I wanted to improve my riding with both fun and safety in mind. After spending a full day with Bob Brown concentrating on lines and awareness I feel it was a day well spent and I've picked up a lot from Bob's wealth of knowledge and experience. I can now build on these elements and become a safer rider whilst still enjoying myself. Bob was very down to earth all day and gave me the opportunity to lead, follow, stop and chat at any point about the ride and basically put me at ease for the whole day. Radio communication was very useful as was the video recorded from Bob's bike. Comms meant I could hear Bob at all times weather he was giving a commentary on his riding or giving me instruction I felt this was invaluable. As was the video which was accessible instantly at any point on the ride, which aided Bob in showing where I may have gone wrong or indeed backing up the correct way to ride. As they say, 'a picture speaks a thousand words'. Overall an invaluable day spent with a top bloke not to mention Bob's experience and skill which we can all watch and hopefully learn a lot from. Cheers Bob

Jonathan Dixon - Jan 16, 2008
Bob, I'm really pleased that you have still got a big impact on motorcycling in Durham

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