What is it ?

BikeWise Training is a joint partnership formed in 2007 and run by the County Durham Casualty Reduction Forum.
The scheme is administered by Durham County Council's  Road Safety Section and supported by Durham Constabulary.
The BikeWise partnership has already won two prestigious Road Safety Awards : in 2008 it won the Highways Magazine Road Safety Scheme of the year and in 2009 a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award :
BikeWise - Winner of Highways Magazine Road Safety Scheme of the year - 2008 BikeWise - winner of a Prince Michael of Kent International Road Safety Award 2009

The motorcycle trainer's who will help you, to 'Raise Your Standards' are :-

Sgt Bob Brown - BikeWise Training
Bob Brown
PC Mick Alder - BikeWise Training
Mick Alder
Retired Sgt, Bob Brown &  PC Mick Alder who between them have almost forty years experience of riding motorcycles professionally with the Durham Constabulary Motorcycle Section.
Both are Police Class 1 Motorcyclists \ Drivers and also Advanced Police Motorcycle Instructors.
Their experience of riding motorcycles on public roads and the incidents that have occurred involving motorcyclists throughout the years in County Durham are unrivalled

BikeWise Training
is specifically designed to help riders improve their skills & safety.
It is open to all riders of motorcycles over 125cc, who hold a full motorcycle licence.
The focus is very much on optimum rider/bike performance and you can be sure
you'll get the chance to explore both your own and your bikes full potential.
If you want to improve your confidence, skills and 'Raise Your Standards'
BikeWise Training is for you......

Objectives Of The Course

Improve concentration, observation, positioning and cornering
Development of skills in braking, use of gears and overtaking.
Enable riders to anticipate potential hazards and to spot dangers well in advance.
Reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.
How to get the best performance from your bike.

What's Covered
Pre-ride checks to ensure the bike is roadworthy and its functions familiar to the rider.
Radio link to keep you in constant contact with your trainer.
Coaching to develop concentration, observation and positioning.
Correct techniques for cornering. 
Correct use of brakes and gears.
Safe overtaking and how to make good progress.
Increasing vision through correct road positioning, enabling the rider to see further
and other road users to observe the rider earlier.
Discussion of learning points and key areas for development.
How human factors (attitude, fatigue etc.) can affect performance.
Debrief and certificate
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